Fan Meetup

Our outing two weeks ago turned into a fan meetup for all the dogs! 😛 So many people saw that Rhubarb, Runner, Lilac, Faye, and Hailey were going to be at Tamar Park, and they came out to see them!

With his handsome looks, it’s no surprise that Rhubarb has many fans! I love how he tilts his head and then looks up at you. So cute! Rhubarb used to be a very timid dog but he has improved so much and was ok with meeting strangers and letting them pet him. By the end of the afternoon he even went up to people all by himself to say hello!

It was also a special day for Rhubarb because his Life Saver Club sponsor came by to meet him. If you are interested in becoming a Life Saver Club sponsor, go to Hong Kong Dog Rescue’s website here.


Runner almost lived up to his name and tried to climb over the fence when we first got to the park! Luckily he quickly calmed down and decided to stay by our side. In fact he didn’t care who he stayed next to, he just always wanted to be leaning against someone! Haha. A woman came into the park and sat down next to him, and Runner just cozied up against her as he surveyed everyone else. Runner and Rhubarb were lucky because two volunteers came to visit them and took them on walks around the park and gave them constant attention! We had two stars on our hands!

Actually we had three stars on our hands as quite a few volunteers from Ap Lei Chau also came to visit little Lilac, who had only recently moved to Tai Po. Lilac is one of the smallest dogs staying at Tai Po (only around the size of a poodle!), and as you can see her fur is very unique! The fur down the middle of her back is very very soft, as is the fur behind her ears. Lilac is very sweet and it won’t take her long to recognize you as a friend!

Of course we can’t forget about Faye and Hailey! These two girls were surrendered to HKDR together and they love to play! They’re also very cuddly and small sized. You can even pick them up for a hug. They are great with humans and other dogs, and will run over to you when you call their name! They had a lot of fun at Tamar Park 🙂



It was such a fun filled afternoon for the humans too as the weather was perfect! Hope we can have more Saturdays like this! 😀