Ben is looking for his forever home.

We are volunteers at Hong Kong Dog Rescue, and we would like you to meet our furry friends! There are many dogs at our Tai Po Homing Centre still waiting for a home. Are you interested in seeing how adorable and sweet they are? Starting February 20, 2016, we will be bringing a few dogs to Tamar Park on Saturdays, from 2-5pm, so that they can play. This is also a chance for people to get to know them and see how lovely rescued dogs can be. Even if you’re not ready to adopt yet, please come see us and have some fun with our dogs! We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Disclaimer: This activity is not officially organized by HKDR.

我們是救狗之家的義工。大埔領養中心還有很多毛孩在等待一個家。你有興趣認識這些可愛的小朋友嗎? 20/02/2016 開始我們逢星期六下午2點到5點會帶幾位毛孩到添馬公園玩,讓有心人可以認識和了解他們,也讓大眾見到待領養狗狗可愛友善的一面。 就算未準備好領養,也歡迎來與我們的狗狗開心玩樂一個下午!

聲明: 我們是義工自發小隊

In addition, follow this blog to read about what it’s like to volunteer, and to learn more about the dogs who are still waiting for a home. We will be sharing lots of stories and photos so please stay tuned! 🙂

另外, 我們會在這個blog分享一些做義工的故事, 和介紹待領養狗狗. 請大家關注! 🙂