Mostly Dry

It drizzled all morning but it wasn’t raining too hard so we decided to go ahead with our Tamar Park outing. Lucky for all of us that it remained dry until the last half hour or so! The dogs got some grooming and playtime in, and we got some nice photos and videos πŸ˜‰ And even though the weather wasn’t that great we were able to meet some new friends!

Maxwell has a funny and cute appearance. He kind of looks like a chihuahua and a bunny! Hahaha. He’s very well behaved and loved meeting the other dogs. We met some new friends that day and he kept trailing after them and sniffing them, but it seemed like he wasn’t sure how to play with them yet. With a little more time I’m sure he’ll be running around with a new group of friends!

Boodle loves people and had no problem going up to strangers to ask for a pet and cuddle. Look at her happy face when she’s getting her head scratched! Her tail hardly stopped wagging all afternoon and she definitely had a great time soaking in all the attention. Boodle is a very loving dog who just wants to be by your side!

Enya is a very affectionate dog who loves giving kisses. Although she was a bit too busy Β exploring and having fun that day to stop for a kiss, she did have time to ask for a quick cuddle. When someone new came into the park, Enya was the first one to run over to greet them. Enya is great with people and dogs, and would make a lovely addition to any family!

Mountie has beautiful, thick, long fur. Unfortunately living at kennels means it gets dirty and matted very easily! That day he got some much needed grooming done and I’m sure he will be much more comfortable in the summer without all those knots and dirt. He stood very calmly as he got his fur brushed! Mountie is a little shy when you first meet him but once he knows you he’s a fluffy ball of love!

Mountie had a shadow that day, in the form of his friend Hopkins πŸ˜‰ Hopkins followed Mountie around everywhere; the two were never apart! Although Hopkins was a bit nervous to be in new surroundings, having Mountie there made him feel a lot safer and he showed his curious personality. He wasn’t too scared of strangers and kept sniffing the air to see what was around. By the end of the afternoon he was ready for a nap πŸ˜‰

It didn’t start raining until around 20 minutes before we had to leave, and didn’t start pouring until right when we were walking out of the park. So overall it was a successful outing! The dogs got soaking wet but they didn’t seem to mind. Happy smiles all around! πŸ™‚



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