Joe’s Makeover

Last week we brought three younger dogs and one older dog to Tamar Park. Etta, Banksy, and Bernie had fun running around the park, while Joe was definitely the “old man” who enjoyed bossing the youngsters around 😉

Joe is actually friendly with other dogs, but he really wanted to keep fellow HKDR pups in line haha. Bernie and Etta kept running away from him! XD Joe got an extreme makeover that day and had all the dead fur on his coat brushed away. We had a big bag of fur at the end of the afternoon, and Joe was a bit thinner! 😛 I’m sure it felt very nice to be brushed because he stood very still and even lay down while we brushed him.

Etta is a relatively timid dog at kennels, but she enjoyed Tamar Park a lot, even more than we expected, to be honest! She was great with new people, and even went over by herself to ask them to pet her. She tried to play with other dogs, and had a lovely reunion with Cactus who knew her from when she stayed at the education centre (EC).


Banksy was also an EC puppy, and he definitely recognized Etta! He was so happy to see her and kept asking her to play. Etta was more interested in the new surroundings at the park though 😛 Banksy loves the people he recognizes, which is pretty much anyone who he’s met more than once. He will lean against you to ask for attention, and loves to have his head scratched as proven by his happy smile in the photo below! 😀

Bernie is such a gentle and handsome dog. He loves everyone and is just a sweetheart. He will snuggle right in on your lap for a nap! He’s only 1 year old and will surely make a great family dog. Who will be the lucky one to adopt him?

There’s only a few more weeks of Tamar Park outings before we take a break for the summer! Be sure to drop by and say hi to the dogs! 😉


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