A Cuddles and Belly Rubs Kind of Day

We had a fun time with Dawn, Gin, Hilary, and Jeremy at Tamar Park last week. Many people came by, especially later on in the afternoon! The dogs were great and had fun playing and interacting with people and dogs.

Dawn has a beautiful, thick, golden brown coat. She is a very sweet girl who is happy to just sit by your side. She enjoyed the afternoon out and got lots and lots of cuddles!

Gin loves everyone and was always the first one to greet new people entering the park. He’s good with kids and this one father/son pair kept walking by to say hi to him. When they called his name Gin would run over happily to get some head scratches. He was definitely our PR dog of the day 😉

Hilary is such a calm and quiet girl, that sometimes we forget she’s still really a puppy. She’s only 1 year old and likes to play with other dogs. She kept inviting Jeremy to wrestle, and would chase after toys along with other dogs at the park. If we threw a ball just for her she wouldn’t pay attention to it, but if another dog ran after it she would chase it! Hahaha. She never got possessive though, and shared very nicely. Another thing Hilary loves is belly rubs! She will roll over on her back and invite you to pet her 🙂

Jeremy is a silly boy and loves to run! Except when it’s too hot; then he likes to dig a hole in the dirt to lie in. He’s also very young and has lots of energy. He loves to cuddle though, especially when we’re in the car.

We only have one more month left of the Tamar Park outings before we take a break for PAWsome Summer again. Hopefully there will be no more rainy Saturdays!


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