Eye on the Ball

We debated for a long time whether or not to go to Tamar Park last Saturday, as the forecast called for lots of rain later in the day! Since the weather seemed ok in the morning we decided to go, and luckily the rain didn’t start until we got home.

At the park we discovered that Jolene LOVES chasing balls! She always seems to sense when a ball is being thrown, and many times when we threw the ball for Cassius, Jolene would appear out of nowhere and steal it from him haha. Both dogs were really good at sharing though, and never fought for the toys. Jolene was too fast though, and we ended up having to distract her with one ball while throwing the second ball for Cassius 😛

Jolene ran so hard for the ball that she scraped up her paws a little bit 😦 So we switched to tossing the ball in the air for her to catch. Her success rate off camera was nearly 100%! Haha. But almost every time we tried to film she would miss XD

At first Jolene wasn’t very willing to let go of the ball. But very quickly she learned that if she dropped the ball that was in her mouth, it would get thrown again and she’d get to chase it! 😀

Cassius likes to play fetch as well, but he enjoys chewing on the ball more. His favourite were the soft, squeaky balls and if he caught one of those he’d happily lie there chewing on them. If he caught a tennis ball he’d drop it and look for something else 😛

Cassius gets along great with other dogs, big and small. He’s very polite and was so easy going when he didn’t get the ball or treats. He just sat patiently and waited for his turn.

York was a bit nervous at first when strangers came in to the park, but he soon relaxed and even happily let them pet him! He was especially happy to see one of his favourite volunteers and followed her around everywhere with his tail wagging. He showed us how to sit, lie down, and wait for the command before eating his treat. York is very handsome and has an adorable habit of looking at you with his head slightly tilted to the side, as if wondering if you will come over to say hi.

If you think Otter looks familiar, then you have a sharp eye! Otter is the sister of Pip, who has also been to Tamar Park!  Pip is on the left and Otter is on the right.

Like Pip, Otter is a chubby pup hahaha. Maybe she knew that she shouldn’t have too many treats, because she didn’t fight for any when people were handing them out. Otter is friendly with people and other dogs, and has such a sweet smile!

We are taking a break next week but we will be back at Tamar Park on April 1. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more photos and videos of the dogs. Help us spread the message of Adopt, Don’t Shop! 🙂