A Perfect Afternoon

The weather was great last weekend, and all the humans and dogs enjoyed a wonderful afternoon out. Even the traffic was very smooth and we arrived at Tamar Park half an hour earlier than expected! Haha.

May used to be a shy dog, but she has really come out of her shell now. She had a great time at Tamar Park, was not nervous around strangers, and even had fun playing with Daniel! When volunteers call her name she will wag her tail happily and walk over to be pet. May is a very calm dog and just likes to be close to her favourite people πŸ™‚

Lita loves to be pet and will stay by your side whenever you massage her head πŸ˜‰ She’s also very smart! We usually use treats to get the dogs to look at the camera, and by the end of the afternoon Lita would run over, sit, and smile for the camera even if we didn’t have any treats in our hands!

Daniel is only 1 year old, so he’s still very playful like a puppy! He was always excited when new dogs came into the park, and couldn’t wait to say hello! He has lots of energy and ran around the park, constantly exploring. The only time he would stay still was when he was getting his face massaged, at which timeΒ he would show a happy puppy smile that could melt anyone’s heart ❀

Joel is a big sweetheart and he loved meeting new people and new dogs.He had fun running around to seeΒ everyone, and I would often look over to find him also looking at me as if saying hello. He was probably just checking in to see if I had a treat, but it was still very sweet hahaha πŸ˜› Joel has already mastered the commands sit, hand, and down!

It was such a fun afternoon and we can’t wait for our next outing! πŸ™‚


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