True Personalities Shine Through

It’s not hard to imagine how stressful it must be to live with hundreds of other dogs at a kennel. So it’s also not surprising that some dogs behave completely differently when they are away from that environment. Miranda and Spangle are two examples. At kennels they are quite timid, and will shy away from strangers. However they both love being at the dog park, and will play and greet new people happily! Hopefully they will get the chance to show adopters their true personalities πŸ™‚

Miranda was particularly happy to arrive at the dog park. As you can see in the video posted on our Facebook page, she ran around the park before we could even take her leash off! Haha. She was just bouncing with excitement. She ran around, played with Spangle, and then lay down to get her beautiful fur brushed. Miranda has a wonderful temperament, and didn’t lose her cool even when a little dog got a bit too friendly! We loved seeing how happy Miranda was, and hope that she can find her forever home soon where she will be able to go to the dog park as much as she wants! πŸ˜‰

Spangle has such a unique fur pattern, especially with the long wisps of fur on his ears. He is friendly, and loves to play! He would chase the ball and bring it back to his spot under the tree. He looked so proud of himself prancing around with the ball in his mouth! Haha.

Samson still has a puppy face and is so adorable. He took a little longer to warm up at the dog park, which is interesting because at kennels he is more outgoing than Miranda or Spangle. However he did like to say hi to some new friends and loved greeting people at the door.

Huskies are known to like to chase small animals, but Snow has no interest in that at all. She’d much rather hang out by her water bowl or get a nice massage. Someone asked why Snow kept dipping one paw in the water bowl. We said it’s because it’s not big enough for her to fit her whole body in! Hahaha. Snow loves to play in the water and I’m sure she would’ve climbed right into her water bowl if she could’ve. Although Snow is already 9 years old, a sweet friendship blossomed between her and a puppy at the park. They were wrestling and playing and it was like Snow was a puppy again πŸ™‚

Timba looks more and more handsome every time I look at his photos! Haha. He has a charming smile and matching personality. He was eager to sniff all the dogs that came in, though not as eager to actually play with them πŸ˜› He walked around surveying the park, and was definitely ready for a nap by the end of the afternoon.

The dog park got quite busy at one point and we are so proud of how well the dogs behaved and how calm they were. We’re always happy when the sun comes out and more people come to visit us! Hopefully the same thing will happen this Saturday πŸ™‚


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