It was another great afternoon to spend at Tamar Park. Quinn was very well behaved in the car, although he doesn’t seem to recognize how heavy he is and kept stepping on our toes hahaha. But with this sweet face, we forgive you! πŸ˜‰

Quinn: Are we going somewhere fun?

At the park, Quinn was a perfect gentleman. He was polite with the other dogs, and didn’t even mind when one of them ran right under his tummy! Although he was a bit shy, he made friends with a group of kids who dropped by. Quinn was also a great model! Haha. Look at him showing off his “staring off into the distance” look and his irresistible smolder πŸ˜›

Timmie was really excited to meet all the new dogs who were at the dog park! Β While they showed him how they can fetch a ball and bring it back, Timmie showed them how he catch a treat in mid-air! πŸ˜‰ If you haven’t already, you can see Timmie in action in the video Β posted on our Facebook page.


Timmie sure wasn’t going to let Quinn steal all the spotlight, and we got some great photos of him and his giant smile. This happy face will surely cheer you up whenever you see him!

Annie and Angie are sisters, and they never strayed too far from each other. I love this photo of them; it looks like they are posing for an album cover! Haha.


Annie is the calmer one, and she preferred to just find a nice spot to lay down and observe everyone through her beautiful amber eyes. Along with her silky black fur, she looks a lot like a panther don’t you think? She is a very elegant dog and was happy to say hello to anyone who came over to pet her.

Angie may not have her sister’s amber eyes, but she sure has a beautiful smile! It took her a little bit longer to warm up to strangers, but after that she would walk up to them and ask for attention!

Thank you for another wonderful Saturday afternoon! πŸ™‚



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