A Fun Day of Play

Finally it was a perfect sunny Saturday and we were able to go to Tamar Park.! πŸ™‚ This week’s dogs were Hamlet, Lucky, Pickle, and Helena.

Usually there is a metal divider between the back of the van and the backseat, but this time it had been taken down. Lucky was able to jump up and look for someone to pet him! πŸ˜‰


Lucky is a very friendly and playful boy and he’s always very excited to greet volunteers entering his enclosure. We were hoping that he would enjoy the space to run around in at the park, and he did! We gave him a ball to play with, and at first he wasn’t sure what to do with it, but once he figured out how to make it squeak, he absolutely loved it! He knows how to chase the ball, so now we just have to work on getting him to bring it back to us πŸ˜›

Lucky dribbled the ball around and then he figured out how to make it squeak.

Whenever Lucky got attention from someone, his tail would start to wag furiously. He wasn’t shy with strangers and greeted everyone enthusiastically!


Pickle didn’t particularly like the car ride, but he had a great time at the park. First of all, he got to see his friend Alice! He saw her even before she came in the door, and immediately ran over to say hello. We caught this sweet moment on camera, so if you haven’t seen our video Β yet, head over to our Facebook page!

Pickle is also a playful boy, and it was funny to watch him try to convince Hamlet to play. At first Hamlet wasn’t sure if he wanted to join in, but in the end Pickle’s enthusiasm won him over and the two boys had a nice game of dancing, wrestling, and chasing.


New buddies, Pickle and Hamlet
I love Pickle’s expression as he looks adoringly at this treat! ❀
Pickle thanks his friends for coming to visit him!

Hamlet loves food and belly rubs, but it turns out he also loves squeaky toys! I think if there was an award for “fastest squeaker”, Hamlet would win haha. He was happy to lie down with the ball and just play with it himself, or chase it if you threw it for him. He was pretty good with bringing the ballΒ back to you as well!


Squeak squeak squeak. How fast can you go?
No more double chin, hahaha πŸ˜‰
Hamlet is very happy that people support adoption! πŸ™‚

Helena was the most quiet one of the group, but even though she’s small, you would never overlook her! (Well, except maybe in the group photo… lol) She always had a sweet smile and would come over to check in with each volunteer throughout the afternoon.


Beautiful Helena is small in size so is perfect for Hong Kong homes! She is a little shy at first but is very sweet to all humans and dogs. If you give her a little time to get to know you, she will definitely become your loyal friend!


Thanks to all the volunteers who came! Can you spot Helena? Haha.

We are looking forward to this Saturday’s outing, and also to Peak to Fong on Sunday! Remember to buy your Peak to Fong t-shirts/tickets if you haven’t done so already! Check Hong Kong Dog Rescue’s Facebook page for more details. See you again soon!


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