Tseung Kwan O

Due to a car racing event near Tamar Park this past weekend, we decided to go check out Wan Po Road Pet Garden in Tseung Kwan O instead. It is a nice dog park with two separate areas for small dogs and large dogs.


Even though it was our first time there, as soon as we got out of the van, the dogs seemed to know where to go and rushed towards the park. Polly, Jimbo, Flop, and Robert had fun exploring, while Sarah immediately found her favourite spot under the table 😛

It’s ok Sarah, we love the table too! Can we move it to Tamar? Haha.

Sarah was happy to come out and say hello to her friend Roni though! 🙂 She also warmed up to a sweet couple who saw our posts on Facebook and came specifically to visit the dogs.


Robert kept running to the gate to greet everyone coming in. He got a lot of exercise that day! Haha.


Flop liked to jump on top of the bench and survey the park from the higher vantage point 😛


After Polly finished exploring, she lay down next to us to rest.


Jimbo was the popular boy of the day. Everyone who saw him commented on how handsome he was! (I know some volunteers may be surprised by this hahaha. But it’s true! Jimbo has many fans 😉 ) Even Robert kept trying to get him to play, but Jimbo was too busy enjoying all the human attention.


It is unfortunate that this dog park is not in a more central location! We will probably come back to Tseung Kwan O sometime in the future, but next week we will head to Tamar Park again. Hope to see you there! 🙂



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