Playing Fetch

With two typhoons affecting Hong Kong this week, the warm and sunny weather from last weekend already seems like a distant memory XD I’m glad we made the most of it!

After a four month break, we were finally back at Tamar Park. It was nice to return to this familiar place and see some of our old friends! Well, familiar to the humans haha. This was a first visit for the dogs!

Guppy is a bit shy at kennels, but she did very well at the park. She was friendly with all the other dogs who came in, and even had a sweet reunion with a volunteer who has known her since she was a baby. She definitely recognized her based on how hard her tail was wagging! 🙂

Sander loved the car ride. There wasn’t enough room for him to curl up on the seat, so he ended up sitting with this bum on the seat and his front legs on the floor haha. He didn’t stay in that position for very long though, because he loved looking out the window! His favourite position was to stand up between the driver’s and front passenger seats and look out the front of the van. He was very polite and didn’t bother the driver at all! 😉


At the park, Sander found his little spot in the shade. He stayed there until some of his favourite volunteers arrived! And then he sat with them while he got his fur brushed and a long massage 😛 I love how he sat up perfectly straight, like he was so proud of all the attention he was getting.

Susie Wong is relatively new to HKDR, and she is such a sweet girl. She’s very quiet and gentle, and even though she still seems shy, it actually doesn’t take long for her to warm up to strangers. She also loved making friends at the park and got to play for a little bit with another dog. Who can resist this sweet smile? ❤

Amber is a playful girl and she was ready to roll the minute we took her out of her enclosure. She was eager to meet everyone at the park, especially any new doggie friends! Unfortunately it seemed like none of the dogs were really interested in playing with each other. We tried to give Amber some toys but she only sniffed them then walked away. That changed however, when some of the other dogs started playing fetch. Amber watched them from the sidelines and we started seeing her look interested in chasing the ball as well. Finally one time she ran after the ball and grabbed it before the other dogs!


She ran away with the ball but was happy to give it back. We started throwing it for her and she loved jumping in the air to grab it, or toss it around by herself. The first few times we threw the ball farther away she would fetch it and run back towards us with the ball but not actually bring it to us. After a few more times she started fetching it directly back to us!

Maybe she had already known how to play fetch before, but to us it seemed like Amber was learning how to play from watching the other dogs! Regardless, it was wonderful to see how much fun she was having 🙂

I’m sure this is just the beginning of many more fun outings this season. That is if it ever stops raining! Haha. Stay tuned to our Facebook page, but we may have to cancel the outing on October 22 due to the typhoon 😦 Hope everyone stays safe during this storm. See you again soon!


Tseung Kwan O

Due to a car racing event near Tamar Park this past weekend, we decided to go check out Wan Po Road Pet Garden in Tseung Kwan O instead. It is a nice dog park with two separate areas for small dogs and large dogs.


Even though it was our first time there, as soon as we got out of the van, the dogs seemed to know where to go and rushed towards the park. Polly, Jimbo, Flop, and Robert had fun exploring, while Sarah immediately found her favourite spot under the table 😛

It’s ok Sarah, we love the table too! Can we move it to Tamar? Haha.

Sarah was happy to come out and say hello to her friend Roni though! 🙂 She also warmed up to a sweet couple who saw our posts on Facebook and came specifically to visit the dogs.


Robert kept running to the gate to greet everyone coming in. He got a lot of exercise that day! Haha.


Flop liked to jump on top of the bench and survey the park from the higher vantage point 😛


After Polly finished exploring, she lay down next to us to rest.


Jimbo was the popular boy of the day. Everyone who saw him commented on how handsome he was! (I know some volunteers may be surprised by this hahaha. But it’s true! Jimbo has many fans 😉 ) Even Robert kept trying to get him to play, but Jimbo was too busy enjoying all the human attention.


It is unfortunate that this dog park is not in a more central location! We will probably come back to Tseung Kwan O sometime in the future, but next week we will head to Tamar Park again. Hope to see you there! 🙂