Sarah is a sweet, gentle and easy going little girl. I remember the first time I met her in her enclosure. She sat on the staircase quietly with the most satisfied smile. She seemed to be enjoying herself.

This photo was taken when I first met her in her enclosure

Sarah loves to walk with her friends, Pauline, Nattie and Jasper. I enjoy walking with her as well as she walks very well on leash and always responds when I call her name. When you call her name during the walk, she always turns her head to look at you and gives you a big smile. Her smile would melt my heart.


I have taken Sarah to a dog & human party at a dog park early this month and she behaved very well. She got along well with other dogs and new human friends. She charmed everyone with her beautiful face and gentle personality. Many people asked me who she was and told me how easy going and lovely she was. We brought some props, such as sunglasses and toy camera for photo shooting for the dogs. Sarah allowed us to place the props on her and waited patiently for her photos to be taken. She is a real dog model.

I am looking forward to having more adventures with her in the near future. Sarah is an easy dog who does not ask for much. Go meet this sweet heart at HKDR’s Tai Po Homing Center.

Pauline & Sarah

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