Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve

Tai Po Kau (大埔滘) is a nice hiking trail located not too far from kennels. There’s lots of shade so it’s perfect for a summer hike! There are 4 different coloured trails to choose from, with a range in length and difficulty: red, blue, yellow, and brown. We chose the red trail this time, but I’m sure we will be back to explore the other trails as well!

We met up with some friends at the entrance. After making sure everyone had on sunscreen, insect repellent, and a few bottles of water, we began the hike!


We took frequent water breaks. Some dogs knew how to make the most out of the short rest! 😛

Sisters Jersey and Alison share a drink.
Babs: I’m going to lie here for awhile. Let me know when we’re leaving.

At the official entrance to the coloured walks. The trail makes a loop from here.

Alison and Chewy

Soon we reached the main picnic area. There is a big open space with tables, a pavilion, and even a slide! I tried to convince Felix to climb up the slide but he preferred to stay on the ground 😛

The dogs wait patiently for their lunch.
Felix didn’t climb the slide but he did climb some rocks!

This is also when we started “catching Pokemon” haha. Since Pokemon Go is not available in Hong Kong yet, we decided to find our own! 😛

Chewy: What is this strange creature?
Pauline finds Pikachu!

Siblings Alison, Felix, and Jersey were reunited on this trip! They were pretty in sync with each other 😛

Without stopping the red trail would probably take less than an hour to complete. However we took frequent breaks and it took us over 3 hours! Haha. We stopped more than we walked. It was a fun opportunity to talk with our friends and play with the dogs! 🙂

Do you recognize these bums? 😛

I’m pretty sure these were Bab’s favourite moments of the hike.
Loyal Ben lies by our feet as we take another break.

Our last stop! The dogs were getting pretty tired by this point haha. Cody fell asleep in his mom’s arms!


Heavy eyelids…
Did someone say treat? I’m awake! I’m awake! 😉
Chewy: Are you guys still playing with these?
Pauline: I caught them all!

We finally finished the hike and Babs gets one more belly rub before we have to go home.


This scenery makes me want to write a poem. I wonder what Felix is thinking?


Having Felix rest his paws on my knee during the car ride home was one of my favourite parts of the trip 😉


It’s fun to go on hikes and adventures with the dogs. It’s even better when we meet people who also love dogs and stop to say hello to us! We’ve had nothing but nice comments about how cute and well behaved our dogs are. Yes, rescue dogs are definitely the very best! 🙂



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