Polly is a very beautiful, small sized dog. It takes a little while to get to know her, but once you do, it’s so worth it!


Polly loves her walks and when you walk into her enclosure she will jump up with excitement. With a little practice, she learned that in order for me to put the leash on her and bring her out, she has to sit down. You can see her whole body shake with excitement even though she’s sitting! Haha.

Do you notice that one side of Polly’s jaw sticks out more than the other? It gives her a permanent, adorable smirk!

During her walk Polly loves to explore her surroundings. At first I felt a little sad because she would ignore me, and when I tried to pet her she would move away and choose to sniff the grass instead. But then I realized that since she doesn’t get to go out very often, I should just let her enjoy the walk and sniff all she wants! 😉 Of course she still pays attention to the treats haha. Right now she is learning how to shake hands. Last week we were practicing and after Polly placed her paw in my hand, Walter (who was really just trying to get a treat as well) added his paw on top. It was so cute! 😛

This is usually my view when I’m walking Polly 😛
Polly learning how to shake hands.

Sometimes after walking the dogs, I stay in their enclosure to play with them for a little while. I remember the first time Polly came up to me by herself to ask me to pet her. I felt extra happy! She finally trusted me enough to let me pet her. Since that day Polly always wags her tail when I walk up to her, and she lets me pet and brush her fur with no problems.

I love how Polly always lies with her front paws crossed.

Maybe it’s due to the fact that she takes awhile to warm up to strangers that Polly hasn’t found a home yet. But if you give her a chance you will find out she is a very sweet girl who doesn’t ask for much. Come meet this princess at our Tai Po Homing Centre!



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