Between the two sisters Alison and Jersey, Jersey was always known as the one who was more shy and timid. In recent months, it has been a pleasure to watch her turn from a nervous dog into one who loves to go on outings!
Going out is no big deal. I will lie here next to you wherever you go ❤
I remember the first time volunteer Jackie took her on an outing. Jersey was scared of the van and didn’t want to get in! Jackie had to pick her up to get her in the van. However, Jersey quickly learned that getting in the van lead to a fun adventure. On the return trip she jumped into the van all by herself, and since then we’ve never had to lift her in again! Sometimes she even jumps in too early, before we are finished laying down the newspaper! Haha.
Jersey went to Tamar Park a few months ago and impressed all of us with how calm and happy she was to be out. Even though she was in a strange place (to her) and meeting many new people, she was very friendly and happy. She kept giving everyone kisses! It made me sad that we had to bring her back to kennels at the end of the day.
What a beautiful dog.
Look at Jersey’s big smile!
This summer, Jersey will be traveling around Hong Kong with us. She was already a champ on our outing to Sharp Island. She wasn’t nervous at all and walked amongst the crowds happily, got on the boat, and walked on the beach. She wasn’t a big fan of the water, but honestly, most of our dogs are not XP On land, Jersey had the biggest, most satisified smile. She even sat for a treat, something she usually doesn’t do at kennels 😛
Sai Kung Pier was very crowded but Jersey was not intimidated at all.
Riding on a boat!
I love the beach, but only if I don’t have to get wet 😉
Please give Jersey a home! She’s a big sweetheart, just waiting for her perfect family.
Please adopt me!

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