Ben is seriously one of the happiest dogs I know. He always has a big smile on his face! I remember one time he had an accident and had to get some wounds treated. Even though he was bleeding, he was still wagging his tail and smiling at everyone. I have never seen him upset or angry!

Love this happy smile 🙂
So handsome.

Ben always greets everyone with hugs and kisses. Even if you are next to him and are petting him calmly, he will suddenly turn around to give you a quick hug and kiss just to remind you how much he loves you. And if you are far away and call his name, he will surely run into your arms!

Lovely kisses from Ben.


Ben loves charging out of his enclosure to say hi to you. He is always very excited to see you! The only time he may not come greet you is if he is enjoying his food. Then, when you find him hiding in a corner with his food bowl, he will look at you with a silly sheepish smile.

The only time you see Ben this serious is when he’s very focused on food 😛
Aaand, back to his silly smile 😀

His love for food is what earned him his loving nickname, “Fat Ben”, haha. He probably needs to go on a diet, as when he lies down he really looks like a pig! XP However despite his chubbiness, Ben actually loves to go hiking. He has been on many adventures with his favourite volunteers! This summer he will join the PAWsome team on a tour around Hong Kong. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with his travels! Share his photos and help find him a furever home. He will definitely bring a lot of joy to any family!



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