Felix takes a little while to get to know you, but once he does he is a silly, fun, and loving boy. In the beginning, he did not want to walk with me unless his friends Walter and Polly were going out as well. He was scared of loud noises and jumped at the slightest rustle of leaves. Now, I can bring him on outings and he has a great time exploring! He is very curious about everything but is also calm, and when you call his name he comes back to you. I am excited to go on our summer adventures together!

Off to go explore
Did someone call my name?

Felix loves human attention, and when you go into his enclosure he will bow down to ask you to play. If not, he will cuddle up to you to ask for a pet. He will even stick his head under your arm and nuzzle you until you give him a hug! Felix also loves to get his fur brushed and will stand quietly beside you as you brush him. When he is extra happy, his tail will not only wag, it will swing in a full circle!


I have taken Felix to play at Penfold Park and he behaved perfectly. He interacts well with people, including kids, and other dogs. He loves rolling in the grass, and seemed very interested in the birds πŸ˜› He also wanted to jump in the (unfortunately very dirty) pond. Hopefully he will like the beach! πŸ˜‰

Hmm, I wonder how birds fly?

With his silly smile and unique fur pattern (we always joke about the β€œbutton” on the top of his head), it’s not surprising that Felix had a lot of admirers when he went to Tamar Park! Unfortunately, he still hasn’t been chosen by his future family, but I know it must be soon! Felix is a great dog full of love and adventure. GoΒ meet him at HKDR’s Tai Po Homing Centre (6 Shek Lin Road), and follow his PAWsome Summer adventures on Facebook and Instagram!

Take me home! ❀

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