Ben is seriously one of the happiest dogs I know. He always has a big smile on his face! I remember one time he had an accident and had to get some wounds treated. Even though he was bleeding, he was still wagging his tail and smiling at everyone. I have never seen him upset or angry!

Love this happy smile 🙂
So handsome.

Ben always greets everyone with hugs and kisses. Even if you are next to him and are petting him calmly, he will suddenly turn around to give you a quick hug and kiss just to remind you how much he loves you. And if you are far away and call his name, he will surely run into your arms!

Lovely kisses from Ben.


Ben loves charging out of his enclosure to say hi to you. He is always very excited to see you! The only time he may not come greet you is if he is enjoying his food. Then, when you find him hiding in a corner with his food bowl, he will look at you with a silly sheepish smile.

The only time you see Ben this serious is when he’s very focused on food 😛
Aaand, back to his silly smile 😀

His love for food is what earned him his loving nickname, “Fat Ben”, haha. He probably needs to go on a diet, as when he lies down he really looks like a pig! XP However despite his chubbiness, Ben actually loves to go hiking. He has been on many adventures with his favourite volunteers! This summer he will join the PAWsome team on a tour around Hong Kong. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with his travels! Share his photos and help find him a furever home. He will definitely bring a lot of joy to any family!




My first impression of Cinnamon was that she is a curious little girl with a unique fur colour and small in size. The first time I met her was when I went into the enclosure to visit her roommate. She came from the other side of the enclosure, stood beside the fence a few steps’ distance away from me and looked at me. I guess she was wondering who I was. When I tried to approach her, she shied away from me. After few weeks, Cinnamon stood next to the fence and looked at me as before. I tried to approach her again and I was happy that she let me pet her. Just like that our friendship was started.


Now, Cinnamon comes running whenever I call her name! 🙂


Cinnamon is actually a very playful, sweet and friendly girl. She has a lot of doggie friends and loves to walk with her best friend, Pauline. They are the perfect pair. When you bring them out from the enclosure, these two lovely girls will jump to you and give you a lot of kisses. It seems that they are welcoming you and saying thank you for the walk. They both walk very well on leash. I enjoy the time with them very much.

Pauline (L) and Cinnamon (R)

Cinnamon is not only a sweet and friendly doggie, but she is also a loyal dog. When I brought her to Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve, Cinnamon would wait for me when I was behind. Besides, she would come back to me with her happy smile when I called her name even though she was quite far away from me. Cinnamon is also a good hiking partner. I went hiking with her and a group of volunteers during the Chinese New Year holiday. In the beginning, we were behind the group, but after a while, we were in the leading position of the group. Haha. You can imagine what a good hiker she is.

Hiking together in Tai Po Kau
I will always wait for you ❤

I hope Cinnamon will be lucky enough to have the chance to prove how sweet, friendly and loyal she is to her forever home. Cinnamon will be one of the hosts in our “Woof Woof Tour Around Hong Kong”, of which the first outing will take place on June 26 at Sharp Island in Sai Kung. Come join us and get to know this pretty lady!

Cinnamon and all her friends: Sarah, Pauline, and Nattie.
Cinnamon (L) and Helena (R)

– May So


Felix takes a little while to get to know you, but once he does he is a silly, fun, and loving boy. In the beginning, he did not want to walk with me unless his friends Walter and Polly were going out as well. He was scared of loud noises and jumped at the slightest rustle of leaves. Now, I can bring him on outings and he has a great time exploring! He is very curious about everything but is also calm, and when you call his name he comes back to you. I am excited to go on our summer adventures together!

Off to go explore
Did someone call my name?

Felix loves human attention, and when you go into his enclosure he will bow down to ask you to play. If not, he will cuddle up to you to ask for a pet. He will even stick his head under your arm and nuzzle you until you give him a hug! Felix also loves to get his fur brushed and will stand quietly beside you as you brush him. When he is extra happy, his tail will not only wag, it will swing in a full circle!


I have taken Felix to play at Penfold Park and he behaved perfectly. He interacts well with people, including kids, and other dogs. He loves rolling in the grass, and seemed very interested in the birds 😛 He also wanted to jump in the (unfortunately very dirty) pond. Hopefully he will like the beach! 😉

Hmm, I wonder how birds fly?

With his silly smile and unique fur pattern (we always joke about the “button” on the top of his head), it’s not surprising that Felix had a lot of admirers when he went to Tamar Park! Unfortunately, he still hasn’t been chosen by his future family, but I know it must be soon! Felix is a great dog full of love and adventure. Go meet him at HKDR’s Tai Po Homing Centre (6 Shek Lin Road), and follow his PAWsome Summer adventures on Facebook and Instagram!

Take me home! ❤


Walter was one of the first dogs I walked at HKDR. He made a deep impression on me because the first thing he did when I walked into his enclosure was come over and lay his head on my lap. I felt so special at the time, even though it did not take long to realize that he does this to pretty much everyone hahaha. But even so, I can’t help it if my heart melts a little every time he leans into my touch 😉



Walter is a friendly dog, and he’s also very laid back. He loves his walks (rainy days excluded) but otherwise he is happiest lying down on his bed and getting belly rubs.

Walter enjoys a nice massage. He likes getting his fur brushed too!

The faces of Walter. He looks so serious most of the time, but sometimes you catch him acting silly or with a happy smile on his face! 🙂

He may not be smiling but his tail is wagging furiously!

The one thing that Walter absolutely hates is the rain. Even when there’s a thunderstorm and all the dogs are soaking wet, Walter is the one who somehow stays completely dry. May So told me that one time while she was walking Walter, he suddenly began pulling her back towards kennels. She was confused, but minutes after they got back, it started pouring rain. I guess Walter is even more accurate than the weather reports! 😛

Nope. It’s raining outside. I can’t go for a walk!

One rainy day, Walter saw me walk into his enclosure, and immediately stood up, turned around so his back was towards me, and then snuggled back into his bed! Haha! He couldn’t have been more clear that he wasn’t about to go on a walk in the rain! 😛 Luckily the rain stopped by the time I finished walking his friends, so he came over and asked me to leash him.

Walk in the rain? No thanks.
But when the sun comes out, Walter gets a big smile! 😀
I love Walter’s tail because it gives him a very “rectangular” look haha. It almost bends at 90 degrees!
Taking treats gently.

Walter is such an easy dog, and would be so happy just to have a warm, dry bed with some love and cuddles. He already knows how to sit, and shake hands (although if the ground is wet he will only crouch 😛 ). Go meet this sweet boy at Tai Po!