Rain Rain Go Away

Although the heavy rain meant that our last trip to Tamar Park before the summer wasn’t as successful as we’d hoped, we still got in quite a few games of fetch before we had to find cover 🙂

Raven has tons of energy and she loves to play fetch! She always has a goofy smile with her tongue hanging out of her mouth, and when she shakes her head her tongue flips from one side of her face to the other! Haha.


Raven has beautiful eyes and a goofy smile! 😀

DSC08347 DSC08382

Beautiful girl Nala loves to be with humans. She likes to sit next to you and ask you to pet her. Whenever you stop she places her paw on your hand!


DSC08369 DSC08393

Flop had a happy smile whenever volunteer Becky brushed her fur. It must have felt very nice! Haha. Flop is such a sweetheart. She stood perfectly still while we draped a towel over her to dry her off!

13288463_10206596159524828_925080118_o 13321088_10206596157484777_1967980836_o



Sarah is a quiet girl who looks at you with the most innocent eyes and sweetest smile. At one point we had to leave the dog park to get out of the rain, and while we cleaned up our belongings and dried off some of the other dogs, we leashed Sarah to a pole nearby. Every time we looked over to check on her she was sitting there nicely just watching us. How can anyone not love this girl??

13324104_10206592347989542_1587870275_o DSC08408

Flanders was the only boy this Saturday. He was happy to run around the park by himself, play with Flop, or lie quietly under the tree. He’s such a friendly and easygoing dog!

DSC08380 DSC08429

Flanders is great with humans and dogs alike.


And just like that, our Tamar outings have ended for the season! Thank you to everyone who supported us, whether financially or emotionally by liking and sharing our Facebook posts. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped us bring the dogs out to Tamar and give them a chance to have a fun afternoon and maybe even meet their future adopters! We are definitely going to continue these outings in the fall, and right now we are making plans to have a “PAWsome” summer 😉

Please like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and remember, HKDR homing centres are open every day of the week from 10am to 6pm! Go meet your perfect dog! 😀



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