Leonard and Taurus

We actually have two PAWsome dogs this week, lovely seniors Leonard and Taurus. Read Jceo’s story below!

I would like to share my story with you. I always meet them in pairs so it’s hard for me to separate them into 2 articles. So here I present to you my story with the two grandpas, Leonard and Taurus, the best partners in this world.

I first met Leonard while he was still living near the front door area. Back then when I tried to approach him, he always went back to his little box and looked at me with his cool face quietly. Together with his lion look, my first impression of him was, “this is a really cool dog”. But soon after, I got a chance to walk him and he got to know me, and then I knew that I had been totally fooled by his looks. He is actually a grandpa that acts like a grandson, so active and childish sometimes.

leonard and jceo
Leonard has a great name that perfectly describes him: a lion!!!!!

Since Leonard and Taurus are quite old (12 years old), my friend and I decided to bring them out and hold a small birthday party for them. We prepared a little dog birthday cake for them. It was separated into 2 pieces. Leonard’s half of the cake was probably devoured within a minute. You can also tell that he’s very active for his age by other behaviors. He keeps turning and looking out different windows during the van drive, tries to catch a fly with his mouth when it flies by, keeps walking and walking until you stop for them to take a rest, runs to you when you call his name, and jumps for food.

leonard and jceo 2
Leonard prefers to keep walking and walking, but when you stop, he just suddenly lays on the ground to take a rest, like a tired child.
The handsome lion. But when he gets a haircut he looks more like a seal hahaha.

Leonard fluff


If Leonard is a naughty, energetic grandpa, Taurus is the opposite. He is an elegant and gentle one.

I didn’t recognize Taurus’s name when I first met him. Somebody had told me to take him out on a walk together with Leonard because they are good friends. When I looked at Taurus I realized, “Oh it is you!” We actually first met during his free run. A dog just suddenly  bumped into me and put his face on my thigh for a long long time. (I guess many volunteers have had the same experience). I was super surprised because I did not know him at all but he stayed next to me asking for my attention like we were good friends.

Taurus With Flower

Taurus Smile

Taurus is indeed a very elegant dog. He never rushes, he takes the food gently, he keeps putting on a smiley face, he walks secretly next to you and puts his face on you, he runs slowly into your arms when you open them and call his name, and he always stays quietly next to you. When Leonard finished his piece of cake within one minute, Taurus was only having his second bite. When Leonard was moving all the time, crashing into everyone’s legs, Taurus just stayed in the same place, smiling at us. Taurus loves exploring things during the walk, but he’s more interested in us.

Taurus Big Head
Taurus is curious about everything we do.

This pair of dogs is really closely bonded. When you leash them together and they know they are going out together, they will first play with each other to show their joy before they go out. Even if they are walked by 2 people, they tend to walk close to each other, side by side.

Leonard and Taurus Walking Tgt 2

Leonard and Taurus Walking Tgt

I guess their biggest wish for each other is to be able to enjoy a home that he can call his own. Give them a chance and I can promise that you won’t regret it!

Leonard and Taurus Sitting Tgt


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