Another Sunny Saturday

We feel so lucky that once again the sun came out on Saturday afternoon and it ended up being a warm and sunny dayΒ at Tamar Park. The dogs had so much fun and we did too!

I think sisters August and Summer in particular had the best time at Tamar Park. They were nervous getting out of the car, but the moment we entered the dog park their tails were wagging and they ran off to explore. Even when they got startled by loud noises or by an unexpected pat, they would forget about it in seconds and go right back to being tail wagging, happy girls.


They love attention from humans and every time someone crouched down, August and Summer would run over to ask for a pet. They definitely aren’t shy to cuddle up to you and tell you how much they love you!

August noticed someone crouching down, so she came over for a pat!

August and Summer were also quite smitten by handsome Ludo haha. It was so cute to watch them follow him around! August even kept kissing him! As for Ludo, he was very tolerant of the girls, even though he didn’t pay them much attention πŸ˜›

Ludo: Sorry girls, food is more important! πŸ˜‰

Ludo does not like baths and had a little sulk after we gave him one haha. But he was still very well behaved during the bath, and now his fur is soooo soft!! πŸ˜€ Ludo does, however, love car rides! He kept sniffing at the window, probably because there was some wind coming in from the outside. He would inhale a few times, and then strongly exhale once, spraying poor Teresa in the face with saliva πŸ˜› Whenever we entered a tunnel, he would stop sniffing and curl up on the car seat. Once we exited the tunnel he would climb back up and start sniffing the window again! What a silly boy.

Happy Ludo, before his bath πŸ˜›

Diana is a very calm dog. She may not warm up to strangers right away, but yesterday she allowed everyone to pet her and was very polite to all people and dogs. Once Diana knows you better, she will follow you around, lay quietly at your feet, come whenever you call her, and lean in close to you to ask for pets ❀


BUT! She may still refuse to take a photo with you! Hahahaha. For some reason Diana does not let me get close to her once she sees the camera! She doesn’t run away completely, but there must be at least a couple feet of distance between us. It’s only when she sees the camera though! Other times she’ll happily walk right into my arms. Haha. I love this girl πŸ™‚

Looks like I am just photobombing her picture haha.
Snapped this photo before she realized there was a camera πŸ˜‰

Usually when we take group photos we have to leash the dogs to help keep them in position. Yesterday we had one person crouch down, and three out of four dogs ran over and waited for the people to get in position! Haha. The easiest group photo ever πŸ˜‰


Be sure to come to Tamar Park next week, our last outing of the season before our PAWsome summer adventures begin! πŸ˜€


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