This week’s special dog is another ALC friend, Banjo, introduced by our PAWsome team member, May So 😀

Today, I am going to introduce one of my furry friends, Banjo. I usually call him “little Banjo” because of his size and adorableness.

I remember Banjo looked sad and frightened when he arrived at Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre (ALC) because he was hurt by his human. Later, Banjo was moved to the upper floor of the centre. I didn’t have much interaction with him because he still needed more time to trust humans and adapt to the new environment. However, I did say hi to him by calling his name when I met him every Saturday as a volunteer at ALC.

This photo was taken when Banjo just arrived at ALC. He looked sad and frightened at that time.

On one Saturday evening, when I went to his shared room, Banjo stood up, smiled at me with his wagging tail, and asked for a pat. I was surprised as he invited me to play with him. Starting from that moment, our friendship was established.

Little Banjo and I.

Nowadays, I am always looking forward to meeting little Banjo when volunteering at ALC. Though I can’t meet him every Saturday, Banjo and I are always very happy to see each other. I enjoy seeing him running happily like a rabbit and love to see his happy face.

Dog or rabbit?

Compared to when he first arrived at the centre, Banjo has improved a lot and has become a happy little boy. He has his favourite volunteers, but he still needs more time to know strangers. With love and patience, I believe Banjo will be a fun and loyal friend. Will you give him a chance?

No more sadness on Banjo’s face.

Last but not least, Banjo is one of our models for HKDR’s first flag day (Wednesday, July 27, 2016). Please buy the flag and meet him at Ap Lei Chu Homing Centre for his autograph! 😉

Watch the videos below to see a happy Banjo playing!



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