Bath Time!

It turned from a rainy Saturday morning in Tai Po to a sunny afternoon at Tamar Park! 😀 That meant all the dogs were able to get a bath 😉 Good news for us, not so good news for them hahaha. But actually they were all really good about it, especially Beta who even seemed to enjoy it!

Mama Katie, brother Beta, and sister Doris. They do share a close bond and of course the best situation would be if someone would adopt all three of them together! Haha. But the second best thing would be if they all found loving homes of their own.


Identical bums and tails 😀

Beta is the bravest one of the group. He’s happy to say hello to strangers, and led his sister in a game of chase with another dog at the park. If given more opportunities to go out and see the world, I’m sure this fun-loving dog’s personality will shine even brighter.


Doris may be a bit shy at first, but she’s a curious little girl and you know she wants to find out what you are doing. And when she sees people she knows well, she practically rolls over on her back in greeting! Belly rubs are her favourite thing after all 😉 She is just such a sweet dog and will definitely melt your heart with those round eyes!



Katie was admittedly the shyest dog yesterday, but given love and care she will surely come out of her shell. She is a great mama and Beta and Doris kept checking in with her yesterday. However it’s long past time for her children to leave the nest and for Katie to get some hard earned family love of her own. She has a beautiful smile and is waiting for her perfect family.



Posy is a very calm dog. Her signature pose yesterday was sitting very straight and very still! She also has a unique dark and light brown fur pattern.


Not only does she have the looks, but Posy is a very smart girl too. When I was bringing her back to her enclosure, I wondered why she kept stopping a couple feet away from the doors. When I opened the door I realized why; the door pulls open so by stopping farther away, the door swings open inches away from her face and she can just continue forward through the doorway instead of having to back up and circle around the door like all the other dogs do. The one time she walked right up to the door was one that opened inwards. Well, this proves Posy is smarter than me because I sometimes push on doors that are clearly labeled “pull” 😛

Posy’s sweet smile.

We had such a fun time yesterday. The dogs were great, the weather was great, and the people who came by were great! And you never know, maybe one or all of these dogs will find homes soon! 😉



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