Diana, also known as Princess Diana. She is as beautiful and dignified as the real Princess Diana!

IMG_20150509_122538 IMG_20160116_123436

When I first met her, Diana was a shy dog who didn’t really interact with people. She loved her walks but if you tried to pet her she would shy away. Nowadays she is always ready with a wagging tail to greet people coming in to her enclosure! When you call her name she will come towards you calmly for a pet, and when you stop she will lean in closer to you to ask for more. She’s not greedy though, as after awhile she will walk away and let the other dogs get a turn too. If you call her name again, she will come right back over!


Diana likes to get her fur brushed. One time I went into her enclosure and called her name, but I looked around and couldn’t see her. Then I glanced down and it turns out she was already waiting at my feet! Haha. She is very patient and stands still while I brush her fur.

HKDR Photography Club

I know Diana really loves her walks because it’s almost impossible to get her attention when she has her nose in something; not even a treat! 😛 So this year during the Chinese New Year holidays, I took Diana hiking. She had such a great time!! She was so relaxed and happy, and stopped to sniff everything! I attached two leashes together to give her more room to explore, however she never pulled on the leash and instead would occasionally turn back to make sure I was still there. So if you love hiking and would like a 4-legged partner, Diana would be perfect! 😀

And guess what, Diana will be at Tamar Park next Saturday, May 21! Mark it in your calendars and be sure to come by and say hello! And if you can’t make it, you can still visit her at our Tai Po Homing Centre, any day of the week between 10am and 6pm. Will you bring this beautiful princess home?

HKDR Photography Club

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