Pip has this quiet charm about him that make people fall in love with him at first sight! All the new volunteers I bring to his enclosure can’t stop talking about how sweet he is. For weeks Pip’s post had the most likes and shares on our Facebook page, a record just broken a few days ago by Luna’s post 😛 (Come meet Luna at Tamar Park tomorrow!) Pip has a brilliant smile and you don’t even need chicken to get him to pose for the camera.


My first impression of Pip was that he is very calm and well behaved. While the other dogs in his enclosure bounce around to attract your attention, Pip will stand quietly next to you and lick your hand if he wants you to pet him. And when the novelty of you entering the enclosure wears off and the other dogs leave you to go do their own thing, Pip is the one who stays by your side.

After you get to know him better, you will realize that Pip is actually a very mischievous boy with an extremely keen sense of smell! 😉 I usually keep some treats in a fanny pack around my waist. When I crouch down to pet Pip he will lean his head on my lap. It is a very sweet moment but soon I notice Pip’s little nose start to twitch, and his face gets closer and closer to the treats… hahaha!

As you can tell, he really loves to eat! He may have been the runt of his litter but he’s a big boy now! 😉

I don’t even need to get up to eat my lunch.
I need a refill here!

Pip walks very well on leash and loves his walks! Sometimes he will sneak out the door if you’re not careful enough, but he never goes far. And once you catch up to him, he obediently follows you back to his enclosure and gives you a cheeky smile! How can you be mad at him? 😛


Pip is also a great hiking partner. Even though he didn’t go crazy with excitement sniffing everything, I could see his nose twitching once again and I knew he was taking in all the new smells.


If you are interested in a calm and loyal dog, please visit Pip at HKDR’s Tai Po Homing Centre!


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