April Finds a Home!!

The best news today was that April, who was reunited with her friend Rudy at Tamar Park yesterday, has now been adopted by his family! We can’t be happier for her because she has waited too long for a wonderful home. We know she will love her new life with her family; hopefully with as many squeaky toys as she wants! 😉


Kenya is another young dog who deserves a home of her own. She is a playful girl and had so much fun with April and Rudy yesterday. This smart girl already knows “sit” and “down”, and is easy to train because she loves food so much! Haha. Any rustling will get her by your side 😉


Jaffa was so overexcited yesterday that he had to have a time out outside of the dog park area XD He was so interested in any new dogs that came into the park, but he still needs time to learn how to interact with them politely. Look at that face. He wants to come in to play so badly!


Jiffy was fine around other dogs, but he missed his brother a lot. He kept looking for him over the fence! However when we called his name he would turn around and come towards us.


These two brothers are waiting for a chance to become someone’s perfect dog!


We are very much looking forward to next week’s Tamar Park outing. Follow us on Facebook to see which dogs will be there! And maybe we will see EX-HKDR dog April again! 😀

— Stephanie


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