Rain Rain Go Away

Although the heavy rain meant that our last trip to Tamar Park before the summer wasn’t as successful as we’d hoped, we still got in quite a few games of fetch before we had to find cover 🙂

Raven has tons of energy and she loves to play fetch! She always has a goofy smile with her tongue hanging out of her mouth, and when she shakes her head her tongue flips from one side of her face to the other! Haha.


Raven has beautiful eyes and a goofy smile! 😀

DSC08347 DSC08382

Beautiful girl Nala loves to be with humans. She likes to sit next to you and ask you to pet her. Whenever you stop she places her paw on your hand!


DSC08369 DSC08393

Flop had a happy smile whenever volunteer Becky brushed her fur. It must have felt very nice! Haha. Flop is such a sweetheart. She stood perfectly still while we draped a towel over her to dry her off!

13288463_10206596159524828_925080118_o 13321088_10206596157484777_1967980836_o



Sarah is a quiet girl who looks at you with the most innocent eyes and sweetest smile. At one point we had to leave the dog park to get out of the rain, and while we cleaned up our belongings and dried off some of the other dogs, we leashed Sarah to a pole nearby. Every time we looked over to check on her she was sitting there nicely just watching us. How can anyone not love this girl??

13324104_10206592347989542_1587870275_o DSC08408

Flanders was the only boy this Saturday. He was happy to run around the park by himself, play with Flop, or lie quietly under the tree. He’s such a friendly and easygoing dog!

DSC08380 DSC08429

Flanders is great with humans and dogs alike.


And just like that, our Tamar outings have ended for the season! Thank you to everyone who supported us, whether financially or emotionally by liking and sharing our Facebook posts. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped us bring the dogs out to Tamar and give them a chance to have a fun afternoon and maybe even meet their future adopters! We are definitely going to continue these outings in the fall, and right now we are making plans to have a “PAWsome” summer 😉

Please like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and remember, HKDR homing centres are open every day of the week from 10am to 6pm! Go meet your perfect dog! 😀



Leonard and Taurus

We actually have two PAWsome dogs this week, lovely seniors Leonard and Taurus. Read Jceo’s story below!

I would like to share my story with you. I always meet them in pairs so it’s hard for me to separate them into 2 articles. So here I present to you my story with the two grandpas, Leonard and Taurus, the best partners in this world.

I first met Leonard while he was still living near the front door area. Back then when I tried to approach him, he always went back to his little box and looked at me with his cool face quietly. Together with his lion look, my first impression of him was, “this is a really cool dog”. But soon after, I got a chance to walk him and he got to know me, and then I knew that I had been totally fooled by his looks. He is actually a grandpa that acts like a grandson, so active and childish sometimes.

leonard and jceo
Leonard has a great name that perfectly describes him: a lion!!!!!

Since Leonard and Taurus are quite old (12 years old), my friend and I decided to bring them out and hold a small birthday party for them. We prepared a little dog birthday cake for them. It was separated into 2 pieces. Leonard’s half of the cake was probably devoured within a minute. You can also tell that he’s very active for his age by other behaviors. He keeps turning and looking out different windows during the van drive, tries to catch a fly with his mouth when it flies by, keeps walking and walking until you stop for them to take a rest, runs to you when you call his name, and jumps for food.

leonard and jceo 2
Leonard prefers to keep walking and walking, but when you stop, he just suddenly lays on the ground to take a rest, like a tired child.
The handsome lion. But when he gets a haircut he looks more like a seal hahaha.

Leonard fluff


If Leonard is a naughty, energetic grandpa, Taurus is the opposite. He is an elegant and gentle one.

I didn’t recognize Taurus’s name when I first met him. Somebody had told me to take him out on a walk together with Leonard because they are good friends. When I looked at Taurus I realized, “Oh it is you!” We actually first met during his free run. A dog just suddenly  bumped into me and put his face on my thigh for a long long time. (I guess many volunteers have had the same experience). I was super surprised because I did not know him at all but he stayed next to me asking for my attention like we were good friends.

Taurus With Flower

Taurus Smile

Taurus is indeed a very elegant dog. He never rushes, he takes the food gently, he keeps putting on a smiley face, he walks secretly next to you and puts his face on you, he runs slowly into your arms when you open them and call his name, and he always stays quietly next to you. When Leonard finished his piece of cake within one minute, Taurus was only having his second bite. When Leonard was moving all the time, crashing into everyone’s legs, Taurus just stayed in the same place, smiling at us. Taurus loves exploring things during the walk, but he’s more interested in us.

Taurus Big Head
Taurus is curious about everything we do.

This pair of dogs is really closely bonded. When you leash them together and they know they are going out together, they will first play with each other to show their joy before they go out. Even if they are walked by 2 people, they tend to walk close to each other, side by side.

Leonard and Taurus Walking Tgt 2

Leonard and Taurus Walking Tgt

I guess their biggest wish for each other is to be able to enjoy a home that he can call his own. Give them a chance and I can promise that you won’t regret it!

Leonard and Taurus Sitting Tgt

Another Sunny Saturday

We feel so lucky that once again the sun came out on Saturday afternoon and it ended up being a warm and sunny day at Tamar Park. The dogs had so much fun and we did too!

I think sisters August and Summer in particular had the best time at Tamar Park. They were nervous getting out of the car, but the moment we entered the dog park their tails were wagging and they ran off to explore. Even when they got startled by loud noises or by an unexpected pat, they would forget about it in seconds and go right back to being tail wagging, happy girls.


They love attention from humans and every time someone crouched down, August and Summer would run over to ask for a pet. They definitely aren’t shy to cuddle up to you and tell you how much they love you!

August noticed someone crouching down, so she came over for a pat!

August and Summer were also quite smitten by handsome Ludo haha. It was so cute to watch them follow him around! August even kept kissing him! As for Ludo, he was very tolerant of the girls, even though he didn’t pay them much attention 😛

Ludo: Sorry girls, food is more important! 😉

Ludo does not like baths and had a little sulk after we gave him one haha. But he was still very well behaved during the bath, and now his fur is soooo soft!! 😀 Ludo does, however, love car rides! He kept sniffing at the window, probably because there was some wind coming in from the outside. He would inhale a few times, and then strongly exhale once, spraying poor Teresa in the face with saliva 😛 Whenever we entered a tunnel, he would stop sniffing and curl up on the car seat. Once we exited the tunnel he would climb back up and start sniffing the window again! What a silly boy.

Happy Ludo, before his bath 😛

Diana is a very calm dog. She may not warm up to strangers right away, but yesterday she allowed everyone to pet her and was very polite to all people and dogs. Once Diana knows you better, she will follow you around, lay quietly at your feet, come whenever you call her, and lean in close to you to ask for pets ❤


BUT! She may still refuse to take a photo with you! Hahahaha. For some reason Diana does not let me get close to her once she sees the camera! She doesn’t run away completely, but there must be at least a couple feet of distance between us. It’s only when she sees the camera though! Other times she’ll happily walk right into my arms. Haha. I love this girl 🙂

Looks like I am just photobombing her picture haha.
Snapped this photo before she realized there was a camera 😉

Usually when we take group photos we have to leash the dogs to help keep them in position. Yesterday we had one person crouch down, and three out of four dogs ran over and waited for the people to get in position! Haha. The easiest group photo ever 😉


Be sure to come to Tamar Park next week, our last outing of the season before our PAWsome summer adventures begin! 😀


This week’s special dog is another ALC friend, Banjo, introduced by our PAWsome team member, May So 😀

Today, I am going to introduce one of my furry friends, Banjo. I usually call him “little Banjo” because of his size and adorableness.

I remember Banjo looked sad and frightened when he arrived at Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre (ALC) because he was hurt by his human. Later, Banjo was moved to the upper floor of the centre. I didn’t have much interaction with him because he still needed more time to trust humans and adapt to the new environment. However, I did say hi to him by calling his name when I met him every Saturday as a volunteer at ALC.

This photo was taken when Banjo just arrived at ALC. He looked sad and frightened at that time.

On one Saturday evening, when I went to his shared room, Banjo stood up, smiled at me with his wagging tail, and asked for a pat. I was surprised as he invited me to play with him. Starting from that moment, our friendship was established.

Little Banjo and I.

Nowadays, I am always looking forward to meeting little Banjo when volunteering at ALC. Though I can’t meet him every Saturday, Banjo and I are always very happy to see each other. I enjoy seeing him running happily like a rabbit and love to see his happy face.

Dog or rabbit?

Compared to when he first arrived at the centre, Banjo has improved a lot and has become a happy little boy. He has his favourite volunteers, but he still needs more time to know strangers. With love and patience, I believe Banjo will be a fun and loyal friend. Will you give him a chance?

No more sadness on Banjo’s face.

Last but not least, Banjo is one of our models for HKDR’s first flag day (Wednesday, July 27, 2016). Please buy the flag and meet him at Ap Lei Chu Homing Centre for his autograph! 😉

Watch the videos below to see a happy Banjo playing!


Bath Time!

It turned from a rainy Saturday morning in Tai Po to a sunny afternoon at Tamar Park! 😀 That meant all the dogs were able to get a bath 😉 Good news for us, not so good news for them hahaha. But actually they were all really good about it, especially Beta who even seemed to enjoy it!

Mama Katie, brother Beta, and sister Doris. They do share a close bond and of course the best situation would be if someone would adopt all three of them together! Haha. But the second best thing would be if they all found loving homes of their own.


Identical bums and tails 😀

Beta is the bravest one of the group. He’s happy to say hello to strangers, and led his sister in a game of chase with another dog at the park. If given more opportunities to go out and see the world, I’m sure this fun-loving dog’s personality will shine even brighter.


Doris may be a bit shy at first, but she’s a curious little girl and you know she wants to find out what you are doing. And when she sees people she knows well, she practically rolls over on her back in greeting! Belly rubs are her favourite thing after all 😉 She is just such a sweet dog and will definitely melt your heart with those round eyes!



Katie was admittedly the shyest dog yesterday, but given love and care she will surely come out of her shell. She is a great mama and Beta and Doris kept checking in with her yesterday. However it’s long past time for her children to leave the nest and for Katie to get some hard earned family love of her own. She has a beautiful smile and is waiting for her perfect family.



Posy is a very calm dog. Her signature pose yesterday was sitting very straight and very still! She also has a unique dark and light brown fur pattern.


Not only does she have the looks, but Posy is a very smart girl too. When I was bringing her back to her enclosure, I wondered why she kept stopping a couple feet away from the doors. When I opened the door I realized why; the door pulls open so by stopping farther away, the door swings open inches away from her face and she can just continue forward through the doorway instead of having to back up and circle around the door like all the other dogs do. The one time she walked right up to the door was one that opened inwards. Well, this proves Posy is smarter than me because I sometimes push on doors that are clearly labeled “pull” 😛

Posy’s sweet smile.

We had such a fun time yesterday. The dogs were great, the weather was great, and the people who came by were great! And you never know, maybe one or all of these dogs will find homes soon! 😉



Diana, also known as Princess Diana. She is as beautiful and dignified as the real Princess Diana!

IMG_20150509_122538 IMG_20160116_123436

When I first met her, Diana was a shy dog who didn’t really interact with people. She loved her walks but if you tried to pet her she would shy away. Nowadays she is always ready with a wagging tail to greet people coming in to her enclosure! When you call her name she will come towards you calmly for a pet, and when you stop she will lean in closer to you to ask for more. She’s not greedy though, as after awhile she will walk away and let the other dogs get a turn too. If you call her name again, she will come right back over!


Diana likes to get her fur brushed. One time I went into her enclosure and called her name, but I looked around and couldn’t see her. Then I glanced down and it turns out she was already waiting at my feet! Haha. She is very patient and stands still while I brush her fur.

HKDR Photography Club

I know Diana really loves her walks because it’s almost impossible to get her attention when she has her nose in something; not even a treat! 😛 So this year during the Chinese New Year holidays, I took Diana hiking. She had such a great time!! She was so relaxed and happy, and stopped to sniff everything! I attached two leashes together to give her more room to explore, however she never pulled on the leash and instead would occasionally turn back to make sure I was still there. So if you love hiking and would like a 4-legged partner, Diana would be perfect! 😀

And guess what, Diana will be at Tamar Park next Saturday, May 21! Mark it in your calendars and be sure to come by and say hello! And if you can’t make it, you can still visit her at our Tai Po Homing Centre, any day of the week between 10am and 6pm. Will you bring this beautiful princess home?

HKDR Photography Club

Summer Weather

Unfortunately there were not that many people at Tamar Park yesterday, maybe because it was so hot! It would be nice to have more shaded areas at the park hehe. Right now there’s only one tree, and by mid-afternoon most of the dogs and people were crowded under there 😉

Luna found her own perfect shaded area to spend the afternoon. I think she was the most successful in staying cool! 😛

13170092_10153749349694773_732504318_o 13199240_10153749349954773_1858282905_o

Ines was a very happy girl yesterday as she saw many old friends including Alice and Sarra, whom she have known since she was a baby. Of course Ines showered them with many kisses, her signature move 🙂 Ines is just a very friendly dog in general and was happy to greet everybody!


Sarra is actually the one in the striped shirt 😛
Everyone gets kisses from Ines!

I tried to convince Lolly to play in the shade since it was getting very sunny and I didn’t want her to get too hot. However she insisted on seeing what everyone was up to in the sun! Although she was a little nervous at first, she quickly warmed up to the idea of hanging out at the park. Lolly loves human company and would make an amazing family member!

Lolly finally takes a break in the shade.
Lolly will give you a sweet look when you call her name.

Sweet Pea abandoned us soon after we arrived at the park in favour of this gentleman who was there with his dog 😛 Of all places in the park, she chose to lie down beside him, and that’s where she stayed! When he got up to leave Sweet Pea tried to follow him out of the park! Maybe next time she will be able to leave kennels for good?


DSC07795 DSC07806

Even though it was very hot, it was so nice to see the sun! Hopefully next week more people will be able to come meet the dogs at Tamar Park, but you can also go to Tai Po or Ap Lei Chau any day of the week to meet them! 🙂 They are waiting for you.



Pip has this quiet charm about him that make people fall in love with him at first sight! All the new volunteers I bring to his enclosure can’t stop talking about how sweet he is. For weeks Pip’s post had the most likes and shares on our Facebook page, a record just broken a few days ago by Luna’s post 😛 (Come meet Luna at Tamar Park tomorrow!) Pip has a brilliant smile and you don’t even need chicken to get him to pose for the camera.


My first impression of Pip was that he is very calm and well behaved. While the other dogs in his enclosure bounce around to attract your attention, Pip will stand quietly next to you and lick your hand if he wants you to pet him. And when the novelty of you entering the enclosure wears off and the other dogs leave you to go do their own thing, Pip is the one who stays by your side.

After you get to know him better, you will realize that Pip is actually a very mischievous boy with an extremely keen sense of smell! 😉 I usually keep some treats in a fanny pack around my waist. When I crouch down to pet Pip he will lean his head on my lap. It is a very sweet moment but soon I notice Pip’s little nose start to twitch, and his face gets closer and closer to the treats… hahaha!

As you can tell, he really loves to eat! He may have been the runt of his litter but he’s a big boy now! 😉

I don’t even need to get up to eat my lunch.
I need a refill here!

Pip walks very well on leash and loves his walks! Sometimes he will sneak out the door if you’re not careful enough, but he never goes far. And once you catch up to him, he obediently follows you back to his enclosure and gives you a cheeky smile! How can you be mad at him? 😛


Pip is also a great hiking partner. Even though he didn’t go crazy with excitement sniffing everything, I could see his nose twitching once again and I knew he was taking in all the new smells.


If you are interested in a calm and loyal dog, please visit Pip at HKDR’s Tai Po Homing Centre!

April Finds a Home!!

The best news today was that April, who was reunited with her friend Rudy at Tamar Park yesterday, has now been adopted by his family! We can’t be happier for her because she has waited too long for a wonderful home. We know she will love her new life with her family; hopefully with as many squeaky toys as she wants! 😉


Kenya is another young dog who deserves a home of her own. She is a playful girl and had so much fun with April and Rudy yesterday. This smart girl already knows “sit” and “down”, and is easy to train because she loves food so much! Haha. Any rustling will get her by your side 😉


Jaffa was so overexcited yesterday that he had to have a time out outside of the dog park area XD He was so interested in any new dogs that came into the park, but he still needs time to learn how to interact with them politely. Look at that face. He wants to come in to play so badly!


Jiffy was fine around other dogs, but he missed his brother a lot. He kept looking for him over the fence! However when we called his name he would turn around and come towards us.


These two brothers are waiting for a chance to become someone’s perfect dog!


We are very much looking forward to next week’s Tamar Park outing. Follow us on Facebook to see which dogs will be there! And maybe we will see EX-HKDR dog April again! 😀

— Stephanie