Nancy was at our Tamar Park meet and greet a few weeks ago. Don’t you just love how one of her ears points straight up while the other one flops down? 😀


But actually sometimes both of her ears stick up as well!

Is there a treat for me?

Here is an introduction of Nancy written by long term volunteer Eurica 🙂


This sweetie little lady Nancy may not have an outstanding look to get people’s attention, but once you get to know her, she is one of the sweetest dogs you can ever think of. I remember the day when I took her out to a fenced dog playground. Every dog likes to play and eat, but when all of them gathered around the area that was full of human’s food, Nancy would rather stay with her favourite person to wander around. There is no specific destination, she just prefers to walk together along your side; maybe that’s a doggie way of saying “I love you”. Hope someone out there can hear her someday! 

WhatsApp-Image-20160427 (1) WhatsApp-Image-20160427 (2)



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