Family Day

The weather was unstable throughout the week and it started raining when we arrived Tarmar Park last Saturday. Luckily, the rain did not last long and we and our furry friends could enjoy the outing without getting wet.

Kenny was the only boy on the Pawsome team this week. He behaved so well and demonstrated how to walk nicely on leash to our visitors. Besides, Kenny made an instant friend with ex-HKDR dog Roofie (now Rudy).


Rudy and Kenny

This week’s outing was special as one lovely family joined the team. They were sweet mum, Nelly, with her two beautiful daughters, Kopi-O and Latte. It was my first time to meet this family. I fell in love with Nelly with her sweet and gentle personality. When I called her name, she gave me her warmest smile and happy wagging tail. I thought she is a good mother as her two daughters followed her around everywhere in the park.

A lovely family. From L to R: Kopi-O, Latte, Nelly

Kopi-O surprised me in the outing as she is usually a little shy. But, she responded to her name very well, even in the noisy and busy Central. Also, she let our visitors pet her and even gave greetings to them.

Kopi-O: I am so happy to go on an outing with my family!
Kopi-O was an ambassador to welcome our visitors.

Latte loved to stay with her family and her favourite volunteer. I thought she liked the chicken that we prepared for her as well.

Latte and Jceo

Nelly came to HKDR with her five babies a few years ago and 3 of them were adopted. I really hope that someone will give them a home, especially Nelly. All she needs is a soft bed and love in her senior years.

Please give a home to sweet Nelly.

–Patrick Bob


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