I don’t know how black dogs can be “invisible” to some people, because I will never forget Kellett’s happy smile and adoring gaze! When he stares at me I know he is saying “I love you!”

Well, maybe it’s “Gimme chicken!” It’s definitely one or the other.


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Kellett is always super excited to greet anyone walking into his enclosure. When I first started volunteering I was actually a little nervous around him because he would always jump on me! I collected many paw-print stamps from him haha. Nowadays he has much better manners and doesn’t jump (as often) 😛 In fact, when he sees me with a leash he will run over and sit down beside me as a way to ask me to bring him out!


Kellett loves to play in the water. When we went on a hike he was one of the few dogs who ventured into the small stream. He was interested in the swimming pool at the dog park too, although he hasn’t had an actual swim yet. His favourite thing to do is to splash around in his water bowl to cool off after his walks! Haha. Kellett is a playful boy and although he doesn’t chase tennis balls, he will pretend to let me chase him 😉


One of the first things I noticed about Kellett is that he will stare at me for a long time, even though I have learned that dogs generally do not like to make eye contact. Kellett doesn’t seem to mind and he will look at me with a silly grin on his face. Then I can’t help but call him over to give him a big massage!


I know Kellett is a very smart boy; it only took him half a lesson to learn how to shake hands! On the first week that I was trying to teach him, he didn’t seem to understand what I wanted him to do. However the next week he suddenly handed me his paw even before I asked!


I really hope Kellett will be given the chance to prove to a forever family just how smart and sweet he is. Come meet him at our Tai Po Homing Centre!


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