A Lively Afternoon

Perhaps it was due to the fact that it had rained all week and everyone was happy that there was finally some sunshine again on Saturday, but it was a busy afternoon at Tamar Park! Some people dropped by to ask about adoptions, so hopefully that will lead to happy news! 😉

Molly wanted to play with everyone, but her favourite was Hamlet. Unfortunately Hamlet was more content to lay down for belly rubs, so Molly was left to find another playmate. She ran around with another dog for awhile, and then was also happy to receive some pets from her favourite volunteer 🙂 Look at the satisfaction on that face haha.

Hamlet was extremely happy to enjoy the afternoon out, and was very tolerant of Molly’s playful behaviour haha. You can tell by his giant smile how much he loved the attention everyone gave him! The lucky boy even got to see (at least) two of his favourite volunteers there.

However Lancelot was actually the most popular boy, and many visitors and volunteers came specifically to see him. The sweetest reunion was with HKDR trainer Alice, and I am glad that I got to witness it but sad that I couldn’t catch it on camera. When Alice called his name, Lancelot’s ears perked up at the familiar voice, and leaned over to see who it was. When he recognized Alice he ran over happily and gave her a very warm greeting!

Barry was the social butterfly, and cuddled up to anyone willing to give pets 😀 To be honest, I didn’t see much of him yesterday because he was always next to someone else! Haha. I know he had a great time though, because he was a sleepy boy on the car ride home. He had the sweetest face with his chin rested on the car door!

I have to admit I was the most biased towards Prada yesterday, because for some lucky reason she chose me as her “person”, and followed me around everywhere! It wasn’t because she was scared of other people or dogs either, since she would still say hello to them. But she was always beside me, just standing or lying quietly next to me. If I walked around the park she trotted happily alongside me. When I leaned over to look on the other side of the fence, she even mimicked me and put her paws up on the wall! It was just like her description on our Facebook page; she is like a guardian angel, always by your side.


We can’t wait for all of these babies to find their own homes! Seeing how they interact with volunteers, you can imagine how loving and loyal they will be to their future families! Please give them a chance! ❤


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