Blanco, Carrot, and Bell

Although the PAWsome Outreach page mostly focuses on the Tai Po dogs, there are also many furry friends at the Ap Lei Chau homing centre who are waiting for their special family! Today, ALC volunteer Gladys would like you to meet her favourite dogs 🙂

Hey, I’m Gladys, a regular HKDR volunteer at the ALC centre and I would like to take this opportunity to share my rewarding experience as an HKDR volunteer. Being a no kill organization, HKDR commits to any dog regardless of health or behaviour issues. In our Ap Lei Chau centre, we have dogs with serious behaviour issues who have been with us for years. These dogs have developed strong bonds with their own ‘pick’ of volunteers and I’m very lucky to introduce my three ‘red’ babies to you all today- Blanco, Carrot and Bell! It definitely was not love at first sight with these poodles as they all have their own behavioural issues that can, in fact, be intimidating to some volunteers. I was one of those intimidated volunteers when I first joined HKDR. However, with the progression of time and plenty of love and patience, they slowly transformed from growling at me to letting me pet them, take them out on walks and outings and eventually jumping on my lap for cuddles. The message I want to bring out is that a dog’s best cure for behavioural correction is in fact, plenty of love, patience, care and time. Because trust me, they do feel the love.

SHOUTOUT TO BLANCO, CARROT AND BELL, my favourite Ap Lei Chau babies.

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