This week’s doggie story is shared by me, Stephanie 🙂 Tumbler is a silly and curious boy and loves human attention. Read on to learn a little more about him!

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Tumbler’s eyes are a little droopy, giving him a permanent “puppy dog eyes” look. He is one of the dogs that I fell in love with at first sight. He has a short tail, but it still wags furiously when he is happy. Most of the dogs will crowd around you when you walk into the enclosure, but Tumbler loves to jump on top of the dog house and wait for you to come over to him. And if you make eye contact, you will not be able to resist those puppy dog eyes I mentioned! Hahaha. Tumbler loves to be pet and he will nuzzle and tickle you to get your attention. After awhile he sits down to enjoy his full body massage! 😉


I remember one summer day Tumbler was panting due to the hot weather. As a joke I stuck out my tongue and panted back at him. His mouth snapped shut and he tilted his head at me with confusion, then sniffed my face as if checking to see if I was ok. He probably thought I’d lost my mind or something! Hahaha. It was so adorable.


Tumbler is the only dog in his enclosure that shows any interest in a tennis ball. He even fetched it for me once! Ok fine, what actually happened was that he picked it up and dropped it (with disinterest) somewhat close to me. I’m still counting that as a success 😉 The other times he starts to chase it but then changes his mind, or says “forget it” and walks away haha. With a little more practice I’m sure he will learn how to play!


Tumbler loves to explore new places and when you bring him on an outing he has a great time sniffing around the entire area. When he was at the dog park he even started learning how to do the obstacle course! 😀 Please go to Tai Po to meet him. He would be a fun, loyal, friend for life!


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