The Best Kind of Surprise

What can I say, these dogs of ours always manage to surprise us, and in yesterday’s case it was in the best way possible!

We knew Zeppelin, being the youngest and most playful of the group, would have no trouble at Tamar Park. However, Batman, Alison and Jersey are a little more timid, so we worried they might resist getting in the car or be too scared to have fun at the park.

Lesson learned: we need to have more faith in them! Haha. Not only did Alison and Jersey jump into the van all by themselves (Batman did require some persuasion), they had the best time at Tamar Park! Their tails were wagging the whole time, and they ran around the park happily interacting with dogs and people. They especially loved giving kisses and many of us left with slobber on our faces! 😉

Happy Alison.
Kisses from Jersey.
Kisses from Alison and Jersey.

Batman was a little more reserved. He preferred to stay on the sidelines and quietly explored the park on his own. However if someone went over to him he was happy to stop for a quick massage 🙂



Zeppelin of course had fun playing with toys. He loves a nice game of tug of war. He is still quite young at 2 years old, and has a very outgoing personality. When he plays he plays hard, but once we got in the car he curled up next to us for belly rubs and a nap.


Stay tuned for our video later this week to truly appreciate how much fun we had yesterday! 😀 Thanks for all your support!



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