It is the first day of April, and time to share stories about our wonderful HKDR dogs! The first story we have is from dedicated volunteer Jceo, who will tell you all about Mushy. Mushy was at one of our Tamar Park outings, but if you didn’t get to meet him that week you can go find him any day at our Tai Po Homing Centre!


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The first dog that I would like to share about is Mushy!! Although maybe it won’t be necessary because I always think that if he can go to outreach (I even dreamt about this before), it’s probably time to say goodbye.

Mushy is number one on my list of “dogs I love to bring out”. My friend has a two-year-old daughter (wow, the same age as Mushy). At first I was a bit nervous about whether or not Mushy is ok with kids, but he turned out to be an absolute perfect dog with kids.

Her mom said she’s not scared; that’s just the face she loves to make when she takes photos.

MushyΒ is such a gentle dog that I can even let the kid feed him and he just gently takes the food. (I have a video of this too XD)


Mushy enjoys our outings. When we need to stop for any reason, he will just make himself comfortable and take a rest and wait patiently for us. And while he does, he always loves to look at your face and smile at you and you can’t help but rub his fluffy head and smile back. You never need chicken to take good photos of him.

No food was harmed for this picture.

And thanks to him, I met a kind of creature that I longed to see but never really thought I would – the cobra. I brought him out hiking in Tai Po Kau in early winter, a time when all snakes fall asleep in a secret place. But apparently Hong Kong’s weather is getting so weird that we met the cobra awake and on the main road. While Mushy was exploring things as usual, he ran into the cobra (probably hidden by the fallen leaves). I only realized this when Mushy suddenly jumped back to me and a snake more than 1 metre long and as thick as my wrist stood up and looked at us. Being such a calm dog, Mushy luckily didn’t try to approach the cobra and I pulled him further closer to me. We stepped back and the cobra finally decided to leave. I was super scared that Mushy might have been bitten in the moment he ran into the corba – that would definitely have been fatal. Fortunately, there didn’t seem to be anything wrong and we finished the hike which confirmed he was ok.

I really think that this smile was the best thing I’ve seen in my life.

Mushy behaves so well that the other day I brought him out camping. Though afraid that he may eat my sleeping bag, chew off the leash and run away, or pee/poo in the tent, nothing happened. At night, I kept him inside the tent with me while my friends were talking outside. He was very interested in the chat and always wanted to go outside and join. But when I closed the door and the light, he just relaxed and curled into himself and slept.

Patiently waiting for us to set up the tent.

It would be sad for me to lose the best hiking and camping partner, but I really hope Mushy can find a sweet home and an adopter who is willing to bring him out to more places to explore.

Thank you to Jceo for sharing this wonderful story!


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