Nancy was at our Tamar Park meet and greet a few weeks ago. Don’t you just love how one of her ears points straight up while the other one flops down? 😀


But actually sometimes both of her ears stick up as well!

Is there a treat for me?

Here is an introduction of Nancy written by long term volunteer Eurica 🙂


This sweetie little lady Nancy may not have an outstanding look to get people’s attention, but once you get to know her, she is one of the sweetest dogs you can ever think of. I remember the day when I took her out to a fenced dog playground. Every dog likes to play and eat, but when all of them gathered around the area that was full of human’s food, Nancy would rather stay with her favourite person to wander around. There is no specific destination, she just prefers to walk together along your side; maybe that’s a doggie way of saying “I love you”. Hope someone out there can hear her someday! 

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Family Day

The weather was unstable throughout the week and it started raining when we arrived Tarmar Park last Saturday. Luckily, the rain did not last long and we and our furry friends could enjoy the outing without getting wet.

Kenny was the only boy on the Pawsome team this week. He behaved so well and demonstrated how to walk nicely on leash to our visitors. Besides, Kenny made an instant friend with ex-HKDR dog Roofie (now Rudy).


Rudy and Kenny

This week’s outing was special as one lovely family joined the team. They were sweet mum, Nelly, with her two beautiful daughters, Kopi-O and Latte. It was my first time to meet this family. I fell in love with Nelly with her sweet and gentle personality. When I called her name, she gave me her warmest smile and happy wagging tail. I thought she is a good mother as her two daughters followed her around everywhere in the park.

A lovely family. From L to R: Kopi-O, Latte, Nelly

Kopi-O surprised me in the outing as she is usually a little shy. But, she responded to her name very well, even in the noisy and busy Central. Also, she let our visitors pet her and even gave greetings to them.

Kopi-O: I am so happy to go on an outing with my family!
Kopi-O was an ambassador to welcome our visitors.

Latte loved to stay with her family and her favourite volunteer. I thought she liked the chicken that we prepared for her as well.

Latte and Jceo

Nelly came to HKDR with her five babies a few years ago and 3 of them were adopted. I really hope that someone will give them a home, especially Nelly. All she needs is a soft bed and love in her senior years.

Please give a home to sweet Nelly.

–Patrick Bob


I don’t know how black dogs can be “invisible” to some people, because I will never forget Kellett’s happy smile and adoring gaze! When he stares at me I know he is saying “I love you!”

Well, maybe it’s “Gimme chicken!” It’s definitely one or the other.


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Kellett is always super excited to greet anyone walking into his enclosure. When I first started volunteering I was actually a little nervous around him because he would always jump on me! I collected many paw-print stamps from him haha. Nowadays he has much better manners and doesn’t jump (as often) 😛 In fact, when he sees me with a leash he will run over and sit down beside me as a way to ask me to bring him out!


Kellett loves to play in the water. When we went on a hike he was one of the few dogs who ventured into the small stream. He was interested in the swimming pool at the dog park too, although he hasn’t had an actual swim yet. His favourite thing to do is to splash around in his water bowl to cool off after his walks! Haha. Kellett is a playful boy and although he doesn’t chase tennis balls, he will pretend to let me chase him 😉


One of the first things I noticed about Kellett is that he will stare at me for a long time, even though I have learned that dogs generally do not like to make eye contact. Kellett doesn’t seem to mind and he will look at me with a silly grin on his face. Then I can’t help but call him over to give him a big massage!


I know Kellett is a very smart boy; it only took him half a lesson to learn how to shake hands! On the first week that I was trying to teach him, he didn’t seem to understand what I wanted him to do. However the next week he suddenly handed me his paw even before I asked!


I really hope Kellett will be given the chance to prove to a forever family just how smart and sweet he is. Come meet him at our Tai Po Homing Centre!

A Lively Afternoon

Perhaps it was due to the fact that it had rained all week and everyone was happy that there was finally some sunshine again on Saturday, but it was a busy afternoon at Tamar Park! Some people dropped by to ask about adoptions, so hopefully that will lead to happy news! 😉

Molly wanted to play with everyone, but her favourite was Hamlet. Unfortunately Hamlet was more content to lay down for belly rubs, so Molly was left to find another playmate. She ran around with another dog for awhile, and then was also happy to receive some pets from her favourite volunteer 🙂 Look at the satisfaction on that face haha.

Hamlet was extremely happy to enjoy the afternoon out, and was very tolerant of Molly’s playful behaviour haha. You can tell by his giant smile how much he loved the attention everyone gave him! The lucky boy even got to see (at least) two of his favourite volunteers there.

However Lancelot was actually the most popular boy, and many visitors and volunteers came specifically to see him. The sweetest reunion was with HKDR trainer Alice, and I am glad that I got to witness it but sad that I couldn’t catch it on camera. When Alice called his name, Lancelot’s ears perked up at the familiar voice, and leaned over to see who it was. When he recognized Alice he ran over happily and gave her a very warm greeting!

Barry was the social butterfly, and cuddled up to anyone willing to give pets 😀 To be honest, I didn’t see much of him yesterday because he was always next to someone else! Haha. I know he had a great time though, because he was a sleepy boy on the car ride home. He had the sweetest face with his chin rested on the car door!

I have to admit I was the most biased towards Prada yesterday, because for some lucky reason she chose me as her “person”, and followed me around everywhere! It wasn’t because she was scared of other people or dogs either, since she would still say hello to them. But she was always beside me, just standing or lying quietly next to me. If I walked around the park she trotted happily alongside me. When I leaned over to look on the other side of the fence, she even mimicked me and put her paws up on the wall! It was just like her description on our Facebook page; she is like a guardian angel, always by your side.


We can’t wait for all of these babies to find their own homes! Seeing how they interact with volunteers, you can imagine how loving and loyal they will be to their future families! Please give them a chance! ❤

Blanco, Carrot, and Bell

Although the PAWsome Outreach page mostly focuses on the Tai Po dogs, there are also many furry friends at the Ap Lei Chau homing centre who are waiting for their special family! Today, ALC volunteer Gladys would like you to meet her favourite dogs 🙂

Hey, I’m Gladys, a regular HKDR volunteer at the ALC centre and I would like to take this opportunity to share my rewarding experience as an HKDR volunteer. Being a no kill organization, HKDR commits to any dog regardless of health or behaviour issues. In our Ap Lei Chau centre, we have dogs with serious behaviour issues who have been with us for years. These dogs have developed strong bonds with their own ‘pick’ of volunteers and I’m very lucky to introduce my three ‘red’ babies to you all today- Blanco, Carrot and Bell! It definitely was not love at first sight with these poodles as they all have their own behavioural issues that can, in fact, be intimidating to some volunteers. I was one of those intimidated volunteers when I first joined HKDR. However, with the progression of time and plenty of love and patience, they slowly transformed from growling at me to letting me pet them, take them out on walks and outings and eventually jumping on my lap for cuddles. The message I want to bring out is that a dog’s best cure for behavioural correction is in fact, plenty of love, patience, care and time. Because trust me, they do feel the love.

SHOUTOUT TO BLANCO, CARROT AND BELL, my favourite Ap Lei Chau babies.

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Although it was a relatively quiet day yesterday, the dogs had a lot of fun playing at Tamar! We will be posting a video later this week where you can see them running at full speed around the park 🙂

Becky wasn’t fond of the car ride, but it took all of 2 seconds for her to meet a new friend at the dog park and start a game of chase! She was curious about all the dogs that came into the park, and was always the first one to go up and say hello. Who can give this sweet girl a home?

Tiptoe has a very dainty walk, but when she runs, she is a whirlwind! She actually runs so fast that sometimes her feet can’t keep up with her body and she slips haha XP Tiptoe is another young and playful girl who deserves a wonderful home.

Do you agree that Becky and Tiptoe look a lot alike? Two beautiful girls.

Grizzly took a little while longer to warm up to the new environment, but once she did she was happy to play with all her new friends as well! She also loves rolling in the grass. This silly girl will make a great addition to your family!

Unfortunately Duncan wasn’t in the best of moods yesterday. Maybe he was sad that he didn’t meet any dogs his age 😛 But he does love people so he enjoyed a lengthy massage. He may be an older boy but we know Duncan will still be the perfect dog for one lucky family!

Overall there was a lot of running and playing yesterday! The dogs had a nice nap on the way back to kennels. Duncan even slowly moved farther and farther onto my lap haha.

Be sure to come to Tamar Park next week to see us again! 😀


This week’s doggie story is shared by me, Stephanie 🙂 Tumbler is a silly and curious boy and loves human attention. Read on to learn a little more about him!

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Tumbler’s eyes are a little droopy, giving him a permanent “puppy dog eyes” look. He is one of the dogs that I fell in love with at first sight. He has a short tail, but it still wags furiously when he is happy. Most of the dogs will crowd around you when you walk into the enclosure, but Tumbler loves to jump on top of the dog house and wait for you to come over to him. And if you make eye contact, you will not be able to resist those puppy dog eyes I mentioned! Hahaha. Tumbler loves to be pet and he will nuzzle and tickle you to get your attention. After awhile he sits down to enjoy his full body massage! 😉


I remember one summer day Tumbler was panting due to the hot weather. As a joke I stuck out my tongue and panted back at him. His mouth snapped shut and he tilted his head at me with confusion, then sniffed my face as if checking to see if I was ok. He probably thought I’d lost my mind or something! Hahaha. It was so adorable.


Tumbler is the only dog in his enclosure that shows any interest in a tennis ball. He even fetched it for me once! Ok fine, what actually happened was that he picked it up and dropped it (with disinterest) somewhat close to me. I’m still counting that as a success 😉 The other times he starts to chase it but then changes his mind, or says “forget it” and walks away haha. With a little more practice I’m sure he will learn how to play!


Tumbler loves to explore new places and when you bring him on an outing he has a great time sniffing around the entire area. When he was at the dog park he even started learning how to do the obstacle course! 😀 Please go to Tai Po to meet him. He would be a fun, loyal, friend for life!

The Best Kind of Surprise

What can I say, these dogs of ours always manage to surprise us, and in yesterday’s case it was in the best way possible!

We knew Zeppelin, being the youngest and most playful of the group, would have no trouble at Tamar Park. However, Batman, Alison and Jersey are a little more timid, so we worried they might resist getting in the car or be too scared to have fun at the park.

Lesson learned: we need to have more faith in them! Haha. Not only did Alison and Jersey jump into the van all by themselves (Batman did require some persuasion), they had the best time at Tamar Park! Their tails were wagging the whole time, and they ran around the park happily interacting with dogs and people. They especially loved giving kisses and many of us left with slobber on our faces! 😉

Happy Alison.
Kisses from Jersey.
Kisses from Alison and Jersey.

Batman was a little more reserved. He preferred to stay on the sidelines and quietly explored the park on his own. However if someone went over to him he was happy to stop for a quick massage 🙂



Zeppelin of course had fun playing with toys. He loves a nice game of tug of war. He is still quite young at 2 years old, and has a very outgoing personality. When he plays he plays hard, but once we got in the car he curled up next to us for belly rubs and a nap.


Stay tuned for our video later this week to truly appreciate how much fun we had yesterday! 😀 Thanks for all your support!



It is the first day of April, and time to share stories about our wonderful HKDR dogs! The first story we have is from dedicated volunteer Jceo, who will tell you all about Mushy. Mushy was at one of our Tamar Park outings, but if you didn’t get to meet him that week you can go find him any day at our Tai Po Homing Centre!


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The first dog that I would like to share about is Mushy!! Although maybe it won’t be necessary because I always think that if he can go to outreach (I even dreamt about this before), it’s probably time to say goodbye.

Mushy is number one on my list of “dogs I love to bring out”. My friend has a two-year-old daughter (wow, the same age as Mushy). At first I was a bit nervous about whether or not Mushy is ok with kids, but he turned out to be an absolute perfect dog with kids.

Her mom said she’s not scared; that’s just the face she loves to make when she takes photos.

Mushy is such a gentle dog that I can even let the kid feed him and he just gently takes the food. (I have a video of this too XD)


Mushy enjoys our outings. When we need to stop for any reason, he will just make himself comfortable and take a rest and wait patiently for us. And while he does, he always loves to look at your face and smile at you and you can’t help but rub his fluffy head and smile back. You never need chicken to take good photos of him.

No food was harmed for this picture.

And thanks to him, I met a kind of creature that I longed to see but never really thought I would – the cobra. I brought him out hiking in Tai Po Kau in early winter, a time when all snakes fall asleep in a secret place. But apparently Hong Kong’s weather is getting so weird that we met the cobra awake and on the main road. While Mushy was exploring things as usual, he ran into the cobra (probably hidden by the fallen leaves). I only realized this when Mushy suddenly jumped back to me and a snake more than 1 metre long and as thick as my wrist stood up and looked at us. Being such a calm dog, Mushy luckily didn’t try to approach the cobra and I pulled him further closer to me. We stepped back and the cobra finally decided to leave. I was super scared that Mushy might have been bitten in the moment he ran into the corba – that would definitely have been fatal. Fortunately, there didn’t seem to be anything wrong and we finished the hike which confirmed he was ok.

I really think that this smile was the best thing I’ve seen in my life.

Mushy behaves so well that the other day I brought him out camping. Though afraid that he may eat my sleeping bag, chew off the leash and run away, or pee/poo in the tent, nothing happened. At night, I kept him inside the tent with me while my friends were talking outside. He was very interested in the chat and always wanted to go outside and join. But when I closed the door and the light, he just relaxed and curled into himself and slept.

Patiently waiting for us to set up the tent.

It would be sad for me to lose the best hiking and camping partner, but I really hope Mushy can find a sweet home and an adopter who is willing to bring him out to more places to explore.

Thank you to Jceo for sharing this wonderful story!