Party Time

It was so nice to see the sun yesterday, after weeks of fog and rain. With the wonderful weather, it was not surprising that there were many people at Tamar Park! We usually play in the smaller of the two dog parks at Tamar, but our dogs were so well behaved yesterday that we joined the party over at the larger dog park! We met many visitors, including many ex-HKDR dogs!


Nattie in the back, Rudolf, Yoyo, and Apple with their backs to the camera, and Yogi, Kuma, and Pasha facing the camera 🙂
Some of the many HKDR friends we met yesterday.

Some people seem to think that mixed breeds or rescue dogs are all naughtier than purebred dogs. I think our dogs yesterday proved that this is not true at all!

Rudolf had a happy grin on his face the whole day. Even when two dogs playing chase ran right into him and knocked him back a step, he took it in stride (pun intended 😉 ).

DSC06760 DSC06854

Apple has the sweetest face and attracted lots of admirers. She was happy to interact with them, especially if it involved treats! 😉


I don’t think Rudolf and Apple are siblings but they look a lot alike!

Nattie loved the grass so much and kept running around and rolling in it. She was a little scared of all the new dogs at first, but she warmed up had fun exploring the park. When someone called her name, she would happily run over with her tail wagging to ask for a hug.


Nattie loves her human friends.

DSC_4964 DSC_4969

When Pauline wasn’t enjoying her time with her friend Alice, she was up on the ledge, sniffing in the bag of treats haha. But when we distracted her from that activity, she was happy to stand beside you and let you pet her.

What’s in the bag?



I think Yoyo was the most popular one yesterday (shh, don’t tell the other dogs I said that!) because he was happy to run around and say hello to anyone and everyone! He loved all the attention he got and stood so still as he enjoyed his pets and massages. He was friendly with other dogs and children, and was so patient when a couple of little girls put a flower on his head 😛


I hope I remember all who were there yesterday, but thanks to ex-HKDR dogs Candy, Yogi, Kuma, Momo, Charmaine, Pasha, Lily, Cody, Clara, Mac and Anna. I’m sorry if I missed any! And I also apologize because in true HKDR fashion I only remember the dogs’ names hahaha. Thank you to all the doggie parents too! 😀

Keeping our fingers crossed that the good weather will stay. We are enjoying these outings as much as the dogs and we love meeting new and old friends! Hope to see you next week and check our Facebook page to find out who will be there! 🙂


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