Spa Day

The fog was crazy yesterday! Victoria Harbour practically disappeared.

Anyway, back to the dogs! Haha. We were late getting to Tamar Park, but no less fun was had. Yesterday’s outing was like a nice spa afternoon for our four kings! 😉 There was grooming, massages, and of course, a little treat. Be sure to check out our video later this week for most of the footage, but as you can tell from Taurus’s happy face here, the dogs loved it!

Leonard and Taurus were never far from each other. They are so sweet. But Taurus did get jealous when Teresa kept brushing Leonard’s fur and not his haha. He kept leaning his head on  her arm, asking for attention.

Leonard and Taurus don’t like drinking water, but if we add a little bit of chicken soup to the bowl of water then they lap it all up. Have to keep this fluffy lion hydrated!

We have so many photos of these two seniors smiling so much that their eyes disappear.

Pip did what he does best: sniffing out food! His little nose is always twitching and he never fails to figure out where the treats are.

We had to protect Pip as he gnawed on his bone, because a brave little Jack Russell Terrier kept trying to steal it! 😛 In fact, he took the first one right out of Pip’s mouth haha. He just walked right up, said I’ll take that thank you very much, and nipped the bone from between Pip’s teeth. Poor Pip didn’t react at all and politely let the little dog take it. To be honest, even I was a little surprised. Turns out Pip is even more laid back than I thought!

I love this photo of “fierce” Pip. The truth is, he didn’t know what to do with the toy and I just put it in his open mouth haha. He chewed on it a little bit and then decided it wasn’t interesting because it wasn’t food 😛 Also he let us loop that other toy around his neck.

I didn’t know Gaucho is already 8 years old! Along with Leonard and Taurus who are 12, it turns out we had 3 “seniors” with us today. Gaucho was friendly with all the other dogs, even though he did get intimidated by a little Yorkie haha.
DSC06667 DSC06670

With all the treats going around we decided to try to lead the dogs on a run around the park to burn off some calories. However they were having none of that and only very reluctantly walked a quick lap with me XP

We had a few ex-HKDR visitors, including Anna and Caspian. But in particular we would like to give a big thank you to Clara and Cody and their adopter, who not only donated money for our transportation costs, but have also been at Tamar Park every Saturday to support us. We love you! ❤

We also have to thank a few others who have donated money to support our weekly transportation costs. We hope to be able to continue bringing dogs to Tamar every week so that more people can meet them!

Before we left we took a big group photo consisting of HKDR dogs, ex-dogs, adopters, and volunteers! Thank you everyone for coming!

The four kings and their entourage. We will be back! 😀


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