Stars of the Show

All the dogs were stars yesterday in our outing to Tamar Park.

First there was Doc. He attracted attention because all you could see was his head poking out of the bushes. He was a little nervous at first and he found his little safe spot. However, some people went over to pet him and interact with him, and slowly he came out of the bushes to enjoy his head scratches.

Dopey stood out because of her unique looks, and she loved all the attention she got. She liked to stay by her brother Doc, and the siblings got all the pets and love they wanted.

One of the good things about bringing the dogs to Tamar is that they get to meet new friends and learn how to play! Here is Dopey playing with Bosco. Jasper also learned from Waffle that chasing balls can be fun! 😉

Then Jasper stole the show when he started performing how to catch chicken out of mid-air! He has great accuracy 🙂

Now we just have to teach Jasper that catching a ball can be just as fun… well, maybe almost as fun, as catching chicken! 😉

Dina was the calmest one and was our ambassador to meet other people and dogs.

Dina says hello to ex-HKDR dog Snuffle.

The highlight of their afternoon was definitely the food, even the food that wasn’t for them 😛

I’ll be honest, the humans liked the bubbles more than the dogs haha. But they were a good sport, and let us take our photos 😉

The dogs were pooped by the end of the afternoon. Doc crawled under the seat of the van and promptly fell asleep.

Thanks to our team for another successful outing! 😀


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