Games of Chase

It was another warm and sunny Saturday and I’m sure all dogs and humans had a fun time at Tamar Park!

This week from Tai Po we had Walter, Riva, Mushy, and Felix.

Walter is always so stoic, and naturally gives off this strong, masculine feel 😉 Every time I looked over at him he was pulling off one of these poses haha. 使唔使咁chok啊? 😛 He wandered off to do his own thing, but still captured the attention of many visitors!

Walter looks extra handsome with that smile! 😀
DSC05957 DSC05958

I love this photo of Riva. It really matches her princess image! 😉

Riva was happy to run around on the grass.

Mushy spent the whole afternoon doing two things: looking for treats, and chasing after Riva. Riva also spent the whole afternoon doing two things: looking for treats, and ignoring Mushy! Hahaha. It was so sweet and so sad! Mushy doesn’t initiate playing with other dogs very often, but he was very smitten by Princess Riva and kept trying to get her to play. Unfortunately Riva did not reciprocate these feelings and ignored all his attempts at trying to get her attention. Poor Mushy 😛
DSC06079 DSC06055

Although he did not get the girl, Mushy sure got a lot of treats! 😉

At first we were thought that Felix would be nervous at Tamar Park, but we needn’t have worried. He had such a great time! He was good with meeting new people and played well with other dogs. And I love his squinty eyed smile!
DSC05965 DSC06050

Walter, Felix, and Riva liked to trot after humans when they jogged around the park. I think the record was held by Jackie who led them around 3 laps! Haha.

May brought her dog Mon Mon to play. She looks so cute with the bubbles!
DSC05953 DSC05954

Thanks to Andrea who also came with her four dogs. We had so much fun meeting them! 🙂

Right before we left, we met a dog who had been adopted from HKDR as a puppy: Chapati! He has so much energy and the moment he was off leash he zoomed around like a lightning bolt. Mushy joined him in a quick game of chase before we had to pack up to leave 🙂

All the dogs had a great time playing, and the car ride back to Tai Po was very peaceful. Thanks to everyone who came yesterday, and we’ll see you again next week! 😀
2016-02-27 18.05.18


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