At first glance he just looks like a typical handsome black and white dog, but you won’t have any trouble recognizing Keith due to his adorable underbite! 😀

IMG_20160123_102358 IMG_20160123_102347

It may make him look a little scary at first but he is such a sweet boy. And I’ll admit that with those teeth, I was nervous to feed him a treat from my hand initially. But I quickly found out that he is one of the most gentle dogs to ever take a treat from me ❤

Can you believe that sometimes it is not such a good thing? Haha 😛

When the dogs have to take medicine, we usually hide it in chicken to trick them into eating it. Most dogs are so excited about the chicken that they just gobble everything down without even realizing they are taking medicine. But Keith always sniffs the treats before gently taking it from your hand, so he always knows which piece of chicken is safe and which has an unwanted pill hidden in it. We finally had to give up because the capsule was melting and he still hadn’t fallen for it XP

Can anyone give sweet Keith a home?


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