Bruno is a lot better now about going back into his enclosure in the morning, but a few months ago it took awhile to get him away from the door.

One day, there was a tennis ball inside his enclosure so I stayed for awhile to play with him. Turns out he really loves the tennis ball! He would chase the ball and then come over to me with the ball still in his mouth and look up at me through his eyelashes with his adorable puppy dog eyes. When I tried to take the ball out of his mouth he gave a playful growl and then danced away in a game of keep away. Then he’d come back again with the ball in his mouth and ask me to try to take it from him.

Sigh. Why do you have to steal my heart like this? πŸ˜‰

Unfortunately I didn’t think it was the safest idea (for my fingers) to get into an intense game of tug of war using a tennis ball. Too bad we didn’t have any tug toys!


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