Summer Weather

(May 30, 2015)

We joke that if volunteers can survive the summer at kennels, then they will become regular volunteers for sure! 😉

But seriously, it gets very hot and humid, so don’t forget to drink lots of water!

On this particular hot summer’s day, I walked Pip and Diana together, and I would say this was the easiest time I’ve had with walking two dogs at once! Maybe because it was so hot that even the dogs didn’t have enough energy to pull in different directions, but they were so good haha. They came along as soon as I called and walked super nicely on leash. I feel so proud 😉


Tumbler knows what’s about to be pulled out of the bag.

Faithfully performing his duty.

Success! Chicken into the mouth 😛

Even the dogs know to stay hydrated. Look at them, lining up for their drink haha.

Then Diana decides not to wait and shares a drink with Kellett 🙂 So sweet!

Kellett loves to dip his front paws in the water bowl, contaminating it as soon as I refill it with clean water…

Kellett: What? It’s too hot out. The other dogs don’t mind 😉

Mac staying cool in the shade.

I know it was hot because even Guppy was not pulling me that much haha. But I think she was a bit startled when we suddenly got caught in a rainstorm!

Yep. It had been sunny all morning but it started to pour during the middle of our walk. I walked Guppy right after Pip and Diana, and you can see from those photos that it was still very sunny when I got back to E5. Luckily there were trees to provide cover so we didn’t really get wet. The sun came out again soon after. We have to be prepared for any kind of weather!


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