Games of Chase

It was another warm and sunny Saturday and I’m sure all dogs and humans had a fun time at Tamar Park!

This week from Tai Po we had Walter, Riva, Mushy, and Felix.

Walter is always so stoic, and naturally gives off this strong, masculine feel 😉 Every time I looked over at him he was pulling off one of these poses haha. 使唔使咁chok啊? 😛 He wandered off to do his own thing, but still captured the attention of many visitors!

Walter looks extra handsome with that smile! 😀
DSC05957 DSC05958

I love this photo of Riva. It really matches her princess image! 😉

Riva was happy to run around on the grass.

Mushy spent the whole afternoon doing two things: looking for treats, and chasing after Riva. Riva also spent the whole afternoon doing two things: looking for treats, and ignoring Mushy! Hahaha. It was so sweet and so sad! Mushy doesn’t initiate playing with other dogs very often, but he was very smitten by Princess Riva and kept trying to get her to play. Unfortunately Riva did not reciprocate these feelings and ignored all his attempts at trying to get her attention. Poor Mushy 😛
DSC06079 DSC06055

Although he did not get the girl, Mushy sure got a lot of treats! 😉

At first we were thought that Felix would be nervous at Tamar Park, but we needn’t have worried. He had such a great time! He was good with meeting new people and played well with other dogs. And I love his squinty eyed smile!
DSC05965 DSC06050

Walter, Felix, and Riva liked to trot after humans when they jogged around the park. I think the record was held by Jackie who led them around 3 laps! Haha.

May brought her dog Mon Mon to play. She looks so cute with the bubbles!
DSC05953 DSC05954

Thanks to Andrea who also came with her four dogs. We had so much fun meeting them! 🙂

Right before we left, we met a dog who had been adopted from HKDR as a puppy: Chapati! He has so much energy and the moment he was off leash he zoomed around like a lightning bolt. Mushy joined him in a quick game of chase before we had to pack up to leave 🙂

All the dogs had a great time playing, and the car ride back to Tai Po was very peaceful. Thanks to everyone who came yesterday, and we’ll see you again next week! 😀
2016-02-27 18.05.18


First Outing is a Success

We are happy to say that our first outing to Tamar Park was a success! The weather was wonderful and humans and dogs met some great new (and old) friends 🙂

When we arrived at Tamar Park, one of the dog enclosures was empty! Score! We had a little time to let the dogs explore and get used to the new environment.

But pretty soon more and more people showed up! Some came with dogs, some without. Some had seen our Facebook posts, others were just passing by and wanted to say hi to our dogs! 🙂

Cinnamon is usually a little shy and takes awhile to warm up to you, but yesterday she was running around and interacting with everyone! She also responds to her name very well and always comes towards you when you call her 🙂

Helena was the most shy out of the four. She usually preferred to keep her distance but still wandered around the park to explore. Occasionally she would check in with one of the volunteers, as if she was making sure we were still there.

Loofah was very friendly with all the dogs and humans! Sometimes he was a little too friendly and we had to distract him before he annoyed the other dogs too much 😛 He loved the kids and loved to run around. However if someone was willing to give belly rubs he was instantly rolled over on his back haha. Many people thought he was an older dog because he kept lying down! In fact he is only around 2 years old 😉

Patchi was the quiet one. She enjoyed all the petting and massages she got that day, and would stand loyal by your side if you were willing to give out some head scratches. When you stopped she would nuzzle up under your hand to ask you to continue!

Gracie, an ex-HKDR dog, thanks you for supporting adoption! 🙂

Would you believe me if I said Loofah had fun yesterday? 😉

Patchi and Cinnamon remembered Alice from their Ap Lei Chau days. It was such a sweet reunion!
DSC05749 DSC05851

Of course whoever had the most treats was the most popular 😉

By the end of the afternoon, we had really met visitors from ages 3 to 80! Haha. We hope everyone who came had as much fun with the dogs as I’m sure the dogs had with them. And most importantly, we hope more and more people will be able to see how wonderful rescue dogs are and choose to adopt! We are so proud of Cinnamon, Helena, Loofah, and Patchi. They behaved so well even after being in the van for an hour, then taken somewhere they had never been before to meet so many new humans and dogs. Thanks to everyone who gave them so much love yesterday! Hopefully their next trip will be to their forever home!

We will be back again next week so if you couldn’t make it this time, don’t worry. Come find us at the same spot, same time! 😀

PS. I know some people weren’t sure exactly where we were. There are 2 enclosed areas in Tamar Park for dogs to run around off leash. They are located closer to the Wan Chai Exhibition Centre, near the public washrooms. You can follow the “Pet Access Walkway”, or ask for directions to the dog park.

PPS. Check out the rest of our photos on our Facebook page!

Our Outreach Program

We are a group of volunteers at Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR). So many rescue dogs are still waiting for their forever home, and we want everyone to see how sweet and precious they are! Therefore we will be bringing some dogs to Tamar Park on Saturday afternoons (weather permitting) so that they can have fun playing, and you can get the chance to meet them! We are calling this the “Meet and Greet and Take Me Home” 😉

Of course even if you are not ready to adopt yet, you are still welcome to come play with us! We’d love to tell you more about HKDR, and the dogs will love the attention 🙂

Our first outing is on February 20, 2016. Hope to see you then!

Adoption saves lives! 領養狗狗,福有攸歸!




At first glance he just looks like a typical handsome black and white dog, but you won’t have any trouble recognizing Keith due to his adorable underbite! 😀

IMG_20160123_102358 IMG_20160123_102347

It may make him look a little scary at first but he is such a sweet boy. And I’ll admit that with those teeth, I was nervous to feed him a treat from my hand initially. But I quickly found out that he is one of the most gentle dogs to ever take a treat from me ❤

Can you believe that sometimes it is not such a good thing? Haha 😛

When the dogs have to take medicine, we usually hide it in chicken to trick them into eating it. Most dogs are so excited about the chicken that they just gobble everything down without even realizing they are taking medicine. But Keith always sniffs the treats before gently taking it from your hand, so he always knows which piece of chicken is safe and which has an unwanted pill hidden in it. We finally had to give up because the capsule was melting and he still hadn’t fallen for it XP

Can anyone give sweet Keith a home?

Rainiest of Rainy Days

(August 30, 2015)

During a big rainstorm, it’s nice to curl up indoors with a good book and a cup of warm tea. However when it’s volunteer day at kennels, it’s time to put on the rainboots and raincoat and head outside! Regardless of the weather the dogs still need to fed and taken care of, so the kennels are open 365 days a year.

On this day in August, there were Amber rain and thunderstorm alerts in the morning. The weather was even worse than the supposed signal 8 typhoon we had earlier in the year. As a result of the rain we were only 4 volunteers to start, with a few more arriving later in the morning. There wasn’t much we could do though, since it was raining so hard.

Nancy Drew reminded me so much of Eeyore today. Her droopy face and sad expression matched the gloomy weather perfectly XD But she has a home now so she can be happy again! 😀

I told my mom I was still going to kennels even though it was raining, and she told me to “stay safe and stay dry”. I said I would stay safe, but I couldn’t promise about staying dry 😉 And of course the first thing that happens when I get to kennels is that enthusiastic Midas rushes over to say hello and drapes his soaking wet paws (more like his whole front end) over my lap. Yup. I didn’t stay dry for very long 😉 Midas is such a fun boy though. He loves to play; him and Zipper are perfect for each other, and it’s a tough job getting them to stop playing and go back to their enclosures.

I think this is Doc, but he’s already grown so much since this photo that I can’t be sure this is him!

Since we can’t walk the dogs in the pouring rain, I ended up spending a lot of time in Enclosure 5, petting the dogs and giving them some attention. The moment I walked in, this dog started circling around me and trying to squeeze between my legs. I was so confused at first because he rarely comes out of hiding, and I didn’t even know he lived in the enclosure until a few weeks ago. Then I realized he was so scared that his whole body was shaking, and my heart broke for him. Here is this dog who is usually scared of humans and won’t let anyone near him, yet when he is really scared, he still comes to me for comfort. How I wish he had always had a home of his own where he could feel safe from the thunderstorms.

He wouldn’t leave my side and ended up just sitting next to me.

Poor boy. I don’t even know your name. (But it may be Taco). He let me pet him and I hope it was at least a little comforting.

Taco and Kellett huddled inside the dog houses.
Mac was in the one beside them.

Pistachio was inside a dog house too.

The tan twins, Tumbler and Peanut.

Pip: Is it going to stop raining soon?

Later in the morning the rain let up a bit so I walked a couple of dogs, Tasha and Cookie. They are toilet trained so we had to take them out to let them go to the washroom. After they did we went back inside. We still got pretty wet even though we were wearing ponchos.

The enclosures have covered areas for the dogs to stay out of the rain, but at the end of the day they are still outdoors and the dogs still get wet. So every dog that gets adopted is one more dog out of the rain! 🙂


Bruno is a lot better now about going back into his enclosure in the morning, but a few months ago it took awhile to get him away from the door.

One day, there was a tennis ball inside his enclosure so I stayed for awhile to play with him. Turns out he really loves the tennis ball! He would chase the ball and then come over to me with the ball still in his mouth and look up at me through his eyelashes with his adorable puppy dog eyes. When I tried to take the ball out of his mouth he gave a playful growl and then danced away in a game of keep away. Then he’d come back again with the ball in his mouth and ask me to try to take it from him.

Sigh. Why do you have to steal my heart like this? 😉

Unfortunately I didn’t think it was the safest idea (for my fingers) to get into an intense game of tug of war using a tennis ball. Too bad we didn’t have any tug toys!

Summer Weather

(May 30, 2015)

We joke that if volunteers can survive the summer at kennels, then they will become regular volunteers for sure! 😉

But seriously, it gets very hot and humid, so don’t forget to drink lots of water!

On this particular hot summer’s day, I walked Pip and Diana together, and I would say this was the easiest time I’ve had with walking two dogs at once! Maybe because it was so hot that even the dogs didn’t have enough energy to pull in different directions, but they were so good haha. They came along as soon as I called and walked super nicely on leash. I feel so proud 😉


Tumbler knows what’s about to be pulled out of the bag.

Faithfully performing his duty.

Success! Chicken into the mouth 😛

Even the dogs know to stay hydrated. Look at them, lining up for their drink haha.

Then Diana decides not to wait and shares a drink with Kellett 🙂 So sweet!

Kellett loves to dip his front paws in the water bowl, contaminating it as soon as I refill it with clean water…

Kellett: What? It’s too hot out. The other dogs don’t mind 😉

Mac staying cool in the shade.

I know it was hot because even Guppy was not pulling me that much haha. But I think she was a bit startled when we suddenly got caught in a rainstorm!

Yep. It had been sunny all morning but it started to pour during the middle of our walk. I walked Guppy right after Pip and Diana, and you can see from those photos that it was still very sunny when I got back to E5. Luckily there were trees to provide cover so we didn’t really get wet. The sun came out again soon after. We have to be prepared for any kind of weather!